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Abbreviation for complementary deoxyribonucleic acid, cDNA is a form of DNA artificially synthesized from a messenger RNA template with the presence of appropriate primers.

With the complementary single-stranded DNA chain, using the RNA as a template in the presence of appropriate primers, begins to synthetize. And after the synthesis of single cDNA, under the action of DNA polymerase (reverse transcriptase) relying on RNA, the corresponding RNA is removed in the processing of alkali treatment.Then taken the single-stranded cDNA as the template and again relying on the action of DNA polymerase, double-stranded complementary DNA is synthesized.

Eukaryotic messenger RNA(mRNA) or other cDNA, are widely utilized in genetic engineering.

A cDNA library is a combination of cloned cDNA fragments inserted into a collection of host cells, which together compose some portion of the transcriptome of the organism. cDNA is produced from completely transcribed mRNA found in the nucleus and therefore contains only the expressed genes of an organism. Similarly, tissue-specific cDNA libraries can be produced. In eukaryotic cells the mature mRNA is already spliced, thus the cDNA produced lacks introns and can be readily expressed in a bacterial cell. While biological information in cDNA libraries is a strong and useful tool since gene products are easily ascertained.

According to a recent research, the cDNA library is about to boom.

The cDNA libraries from CD Genomics are cloned into a standard high-copy vector, picked and arrayed into either 96-well or 384-well microtitre plates amenable to most high throughput DNA sequencing production systems. The libraries are well-suited for EST sequencing and other gene discovery applications. CD Genomics can also sequence ESTs from cDNA libraries via Sanger sequencing or 454 sequencing.

As one of the most competitive biotechnological company in the world, CD Genomics excels at  molecular biology service. We are equipped with the most advanced technology, cutting-edge device and highly qualified expert group. And we have even developed our own technology platform—CREALIB, which makes us outstanding in creating all kinds of high quality DNA libraries

Therefore, cDNA Library from CD Genomics is absolutely worthy of trust.

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