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About Us

CD Genomics aims at providing the research community with high quality Next Generation Sequencing, PacBio SMRT sequencing, Oxford Nanopore sequencing, and microarray services. Due to increased demand for our services, CD Genomics has already updated its technology platform to mainstream NGS, long-read sequencing, and microarray instruments. At present, our senior bioinformaticians have ever viewed more than ten thousand trace files and accumulated abundant experience with our Illumina HiSeq X, Illumina MiSeq, PacBio Sequel II, Oxford Nanopore MinION, Oxford Nanopore PromethION, MGI DNBSEQ-G400, MGI DNBSEQ-T7, Illumina iScan and Sequenom MassARRAY iPLEX Gold, etc. We continue to work hard to offer you the same dependable services to pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as well as academia and government agencies for the purpose of satisfying all your sequencing or array needs.

CD Genomics has expanded its services to molecular biology research and its development needs. We have become a service provider in sequencing, microarray analysis, library construction and genotyping. Our progress could not be achieved without our large group of client's support.

Through nearly ten year's hard working and depend on our professional work team, we are proud of satisfying the needs of our clients both at home and abroad, which across more than 50 countries and districts. We always devote ourselves to providing you with the best and professional service.


CD Genomics is a world leading Genomics Services Company that innovates sequencing services, as well as genotyping, library construction, bioinformatics, aptamers, microarray, health diagnostics, mutagenesis analyses and others for the genomics industry.

Our mission is to contribute to the advancement of life sciences and technologies by making research more productive and cost efficient through our high quality, scalable services/products—Choose CD Genomics for internal standards, cost effective and high-quality service.

Our vision is to make CD Genomics the best partner choice for pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as well as academia and government agencies for life science research communities around the world.

We offer you both professional and personal benefits to work here. Any excellence and dedication will be equally recognized.

As an equal opportunity employer, CD Genomics invites you to grow with us and experience our power!


CD Genomics
CD Genomics-the genomics service company