Viral Genome Sequencing

CD Genomics provides viral genome sequencing service within Illumina and PacBio Platforms. We can create high-quality de novo assembly of large viral genomes and highest possible data quality at low cost.

The Introduction of Viral Genome Sequencing

Viruses are the most abundant biological entities on Earth and significantly impact living organisms by causing diseases and shaping their immune systems. Despite their ubiquity and influence, less than 0.01% of viruses are sequenced. Presently, the study of viral infectious diseases in terms of etiopathogenesis and development of newer therapeutics is undergoing rapid changes. One commonly used NGS platforms: Illumina, recommend maximum fragment lengths of about 300-500 nucleotides for analysis respectively. More recently sequencing technology has been improved with PacBio single-molecule real-time sequencing. Here complete long reads can be obtained with less error overcoming a limitation of the NGS.

CD genomics platform holds great potential for viral genome sequencing. Comprehensive virus sequences will facilitate interpretation of viral metagenomics data by providing reference genomes, lead to a better understanding of virus diversity, ecology, adaptation and evolution, and enable the prediction of emerging infectious diseases caused by viruses.

Key Features and Advantages

  • No reference sequence required
  • Sequences with considerable depth make sense for your project
  • Complete characterization of viral genomes
  • Identify and quantify minor variants
  • Generate complete de novo assemblies of large viral genomes
  • Cost-effective high-throughput sequencing
  • High quality data & fast turnaround

Project Workflow

Sample Requirements:

Viral DNA/cDNA amount: 1 ug

Sequencing Strategy:

Illumina Platform, Library size: 300-500 bp, PE 250, 100X
PacBio Platform: Library size: 2 K, 1G

Data analysis

  • Data quality control
  • Genome assembly
  • Protein coding gene prediction
  • Protein coding gene annotation
  • …and more
Analysis pipeline

Viral genome sequencing is a fast and efficient method for research on viral replication, packaging, function of terminase, transcription regulation, and metabolism of host cell. CD genomics can deliver high quality sequencing data for your virus genome of interest. Contact us for assistance in configuring your project.

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