Pre-made Library Sequencing

CD Genomics accepts customers' prepared libraries for sequencing. You can submit the libraries for full QC test and use our sequencing-only service. We provide the most advanced and powerful sequencing platforms with different capacities and read lengths to fit any project scale, budget, and turnaround. Our QC library ensures optimal cluster generation and maximal data output for each run. Different samples can be multiplexed and sequenced together as long as they have the same read length. Our highly experienced team offers consultation on the best sequencers for different research goals. We also offer FREE PhiX spike-in, demultiplexing (FASTQ), and data transfer via FTP.

Sample Requirements

  • The library concentration quantified by Qubit (Life Technologies) or Quantus (Promega) should be ≥ 5 nM, and the volume should be ≥ 10 μL.
  • Please contact us for the compatibility of the library, please provide index table if it is the pooled library of many samples.

Illumina Sequencing

Platform Read Length (nt) Unit Unit Output (raw clusters in Millions)
NovaSeq 6000 PE50 Lane (SP) 375-400 M
PE50 Lane (S1) 650-800M
PE50 Lane (S2) 1,650-2,050 M
PE100 Lane (SP) 375-400 M
PE100 Lane (S1) 650-800M
PE100 Lane (S2) 1,650-2,050 M
PE100 Lane (S4) 4,000-5,000M
PE150 Lane (SP) 375-400 M
PE150 Lane (S1) 650-800M
PE150 Lane (S2) 1,650-2,050 M
PE150 Lane (S4) 4,000-5,0000M
PE250 Lane (SP) 375-400 M
HiSeq 4000 SE50 Lane 300-400 M
PE75 Lane 300-400 M
PE150 Lane 300-400 M
MiSeq PE150 Flowcell (Nano) 1 M
PE250 Flowcell (Nano) 1 M
PE150 Flowcell (Micro) 4 M
SE36 Flowcell (V2) 12-15 M
PE25 Flowcell (V2) 12-15 M
PE150 Flowcell (V2) 12-15 M
PE250 Flowcell (V2) 12-15 M
PE75 Flowcell (V3i) 22-25 M
PE300 Flowcell (V3) 22-25 M

Pacbio Sequencing

Platform Run Type
Pacbio Sequl II SMRT Cell 8M HiFi Sequencing
CLR Sequencing
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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! For research purposes only, not intended for personal diagnosis, clinical testing, or health assessment.
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