MicroRNA Expression Profiling Microarray Service

miRNA Expression Profiling Service

CD Genomics offers a comprehensive microRNA microarray profiling service based on some of the most powerful platforms in this field with unrivaled accuracy and sensitivity.

miRNA expression profiling came into prominence, in part, because of the expectation that a highly expressed miRNA for a given tissue or cell type (or a developmental stage) is likely to play a regulatory role. Let microRNA and microarray experts perform your analysis in automated laboratories with rigorous quality control and fast turn-around times and advanced data analysis tailored to your research needs and budget.

Features and Benefits

  • Complete content flexibility(all species)
  • Optimized RNA hybridization probes
  • Cost-effective, one-stop solution
  • Experienced service provider handling various research & clinical sample types(including FFPE and Blood/Plasma Samples)

Workflow of Our Service

Workflow of miRNA Expression Profiling Service

For each array, the customer will receive:

  • The original and processed microarray scan images
  • An array layout file
  • A raw intensity data file in Excel
  • A fully processed data file in Excel
  • A list of up and down regulated transcripts that are called based on a statistical analysis
  • Additionally, for each batch of samples, the customer receives a data summary containing a catalog of data files, images of representative regions of corresponding arrays, and descriptions of specific features of the arrays.

Applications of Our Service

  • To distinguish expression signatures associated with diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutic interventions
  • Conducting a genome-wide analysis of miRNA expression of normal and disease samples, such as cancer

Recommendations and Custom Service

Table 1 Agilent miRNA Expression Arrays

Microarray Format(s) Detected miRNAs Database

Human miRNA Microarray V19.0

8 х 60K


Sanger miRBase V19.0

Mouse miRNA Microarray V19.0

8 х 60K


Sanger miRBase V19.0

Rat miRNA Microarray V19.0

8 х 15K


Sanger miRBase V19.0





Table 2 Affymetrix miRNA Expression Arrays

Microarray Detected miRNAs Database

GeneChip® miRNA 4.0 Array

mature miRNAs and Pre-miRNA can be detected for humans, mouse, and rat. Human snoRNA and scaRNA can also be detected

Sanger miRBase V17.0

Table 3 TaqMan® Array MicroRNA Cards

Microarray Product Size Detected miRNAs Database
TaqMan® Array Human
MicroRNA A+B Cards Set v3.0

8 pack 757
One negative Control
Sanger miRBase V20.0
TaqMan® Array Rodent
MicroRNA A+B Cards Set v3.0
8 pack 644 (mouse)
376 (rat)
One negative Control

Sanger miRBase V20.0

CD Genomics can also help create your custom miRNA microarray. We are ready to help you with your custom array needs, whether it’s a standard design or something more creative.

For details, please feel free to contact us with any questions by completing a no-obligation Quote Request.

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