At CD Genomics, we utilize Illumina, MGI, PacBio SMRT and Oxford Nanopore sequencing platforms for our sequencing services. CD Genomics also offers its expertise in SNP and microsatellite genotyping on a wide range of platforms. A customized platform will be chosen based on our client's needs. We offer a scalable solution from genome wide association studies on tens of thousands of samples to single SNP interrogations of several hundred individuals.

Our large portfolio of instruments provides unsurpassed sequencing and genotyping capacity for projects of any size at highly competitive price, which is able to sequence and analyze samples with different types of molecules such as DNA and RNA.

Sequencing Platforms

Genotyping Platforms

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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! For research purposes only, not intended for personal diagnosis, clinical testing, or health assessment.
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