HiSeq X Ten

Through continuous innovation, Illumina launched a new system-the HiSeq X Ten System, a set of 10 HiSeq X instruments. Each HiSeq X System can sequence a human genome at 30x coverage, and it is the first and only platform to deliver a $1000 human genome, generating tens of thousands of high-quality, high-coverage genome sequences. High throughput is largely based on advanced Patterned Flow Cell Design—Patterned flow cells contain billions of nanowells at fixed locations providing even cluster spacing and uniform feature size to deliver extremely high cluster density

With its ultrahigh throughput and unprecedented low price per genome, the HiSeq X Ten System makes population-scale whole-genome sequencing (WGS) a reality.

Moreover, HiSeq X Systems can now apply population-scale sequencing to nonhuman species, which delivers high coverage in various areas, including agriculture and model organism research in the pharmaceutical industry.

By providing ultra-high–throughput and an unprecedented price point per genome, the HiSeq X System provides customers with an opportunity to reshape the economics and scale of whole-genome sequencing.

HiSeq X System Performance Parameters
Key Application Large Whole-Genome Sequencing (human, plant, animal)
Output per Run Dual flow cell: 1.6-1.8 Tb
Single Reads Passing Filter Dual flow cell: 5.3-6 billion
Maximum Read Length 2 x 150 bp
Run Time <3 days
Quality ≥75% of bases above Q30 at 2 x 150 bp
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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! For research purposes only, not intended for personal diagnosis, clinical testing, or health assessment.
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