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"We really enjoy working with CD Genomics because of the high sequence quality and dedicated service. Whole Genome Resequencing is especially easy for us now because we have your full attention on our institute."

Ms EdwinaSchulz, Germany

"Actually I have written to several genomics service companies and tried to choose one that I can trust on and work with for a long time and then I chose CD Genomics for the thorough response and competitive price offer. And then the result tested out to be perfect. I appreciated your customer service which is absolutely of high quality and technical queries are answered promptly. My team and I are very satisfied with your Genotyping service."

Manhattan Clarke, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Cambridge, UK

"Accurate data is critical to research. CD Genomics has helped us get high quality sequencing results at an incredible speed and cost. I trust the results from CD Genomics and am extremely pleased with the quality of their service."

J. Allen. Johnson, Senior Research Associate

"CD Genomics offers various solutions from genome wide association studies on tens of thousands of samples to single SNP interrogations of several hundred individuals and we have cooperated for more than three years without any un-pleasure for professional or personal grounds."

BancroftStewart, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Scotland

"Last year, I need a company to design and modify aptamers for my research and then my friend recommended CD Genomics to me. That was the first time I worked with CD Genomics and the research later was proved great success. Now CD Genomics is synthesizing special aptamer for me and I can't let you know what it is at the moment…CD Genomics is a perfect partner."

Hackett J. Becker, staff scientist, Max-Planck-Institut Martinsried

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