Ribosome Profiling (Ribo-seq)

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Underscoring the value of measuring gene expression at the level of translation has led to the development of ribosome-profiling techniques. Ribosome profiling is a direct method for determining the precise mRNA region being read by the ribosome, to examine the transcripts associated with the translation machinery directly. Ribosome profiling providing a cellular snapshot of protein production, with the potential to inform nearly every domain of biological and clinical research. Compared with traditional RNA-Seq experiments, ribosome profiling is designed specifically to measure mRNA involved inactive translation.

CD genomics provides a ribosome-profiling strategy that is based on the deep sequencing of ribosome-protected mRNA fragments and enables genome-wide investigation of translation with sub cordon resolution. Using nuclease digestion, the ribosome position and the translated message can be precisely determined by analyzing the protected ~30-nt area of the mRNA template.

SNP Microarray

Fig.1 Ribosome-protected mRNA

Application of Ribosome Profiling

  • Sequences of ribosome-protected mRNA.
  • The study of active mRNA translation with sequencing.
  • Prediction of protein abundance.
  • Identify translation start sites
  • Investigation of transcriptional control and post-transcriptional regulation.

Ribosome Profiling Workflow

Using nuclease digestion to isolate nuclease-resistant ribosome, the translated message can be precisely determined by analyzing the protected 30 nucleotides during translation.

SNP Microarray

Sample Requirements

  • Frozen cell or tissue samples


  • Illumina High throughput sequencer
  • Flexible service options,single-end or paired-end sequencing, optional reads number according to research goals.

Data analysis

  • Raw data QC and 3'-adaptor trimming
  • Read Alignment
  • Gene Expression analysis
  • Alternative Translation Initiation Site identification
  • Pathway analysis
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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