Ultra Low RNA Sequencing

We offer ultra-low input RNA sequencing service allows the study of samples with a limited number of cells or with the ultra low amount of input RNA. Ultra low input RNA sequencing enables researchers to explore the true diversity of gene expression within small cell populations in complex tissues and understand cellular subpopulation responses to environmental cues. It provides a powerful new tool for the analysis of exceptionally rare or precious samples—including stem cells, circulating tumor cells, and brain tissue biopsies.

CD genomics makes the widest possible use of industry-proven technology to generate high-quality cDNA with ultra-low levels of RNA, combined with Illumina sequencing, to provide a powerful new tool for the analysis of these exceedingly limited samples. We provide several different services for obtaining an accurate portrait of expression levels for coding and non­coding RNAs from small sample inputs.

Starting from picogram quantities of RNA or a few hundreds of cells, current technology offers unparalleled sensitivity and unbiased amplification of cDNA transcripts, enriching for full-length transcripts and maintains the true representation of the original mRNA transcripts.

While NGS technology has contributed greatly to our understanding of cellular mRNA, it has also revealed the existence of a vast assortment of non­coding RNAs that play diverse roles in processes such as gene expression regulation. Ultra low input total RNA sequencing allows delivering data including both mRNA and lncRNA, enabling the analysis of this important class of regulatory RNAs.

We also provide ultra low input small RNA service, which works directly with total RNA or enriched small RNA inputs ranging from nanogram quantities of RNA. It allows researchers to analyze a wide range of smRNA species and generate sequencing libraries of considerable complexity from as little as 1 ng of input material, ensuring that diverse smRNA species are represented with minimal bias.

Advantages and Features of ultra low sequencing Services in CD Genomics

  • Sample to data solution with the highest data quality and lower cost
  • Accurate gene quantification, and unparalleled sensitivity for ultra-low RNA input
  • Powerful analysis of gene expression levels and alternatively spliced isoforms, characterization of small RNA, and gene discovery

Ultra low RNA Sequencing workflow

Our comprehensive ultra low RNA sequencing services provide the RNA sequencing workflow from sample preparation through data analysis, enable rapid profiling and deep insight of the RNA.

Ultra low RNA Sequencing workflow

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