Gene Expression Profiling Microarray Service

CD genomics provides high-quality services for microarray-based transcriptome studies at a very affordable price.

The Introduction to Gene Expression Microarray

Generating a comprehensive expression profile is critical when studying normal biology and disease processes. CD Genomics Provides high-resolution array scanning and automation to dramatically improve efficiency in gene expression. We are experienced in processing microarrays from various vendors including Illumina Infinium, Affymetrix GeneChip, Agilent Sureselect as well as others on a standard slide format. These diverse microarrays are designed based on the most recent genome content for generating genome-wide expression profiles of human, model organisms, plants, and animals. To meet multiple research goals, we offer a complete range of arrays for whole-transcriptome–, gene-, exon-, or short noncoding (snc)RNA–level analysis. They are compatible with a wide variety of sample types and accommodate low RNA input. Single-sample array cartridge and multi-sample array plate formats are available for different throughput needs.

Prior to the initiation of an experiment, we will consult with you to help design your experiment.

Table 1. Our available gene expression microarray




  • GeneChip Human Gene 2.0 - 40K
  • GeneChip Human Transcriptome Assay 2.0 – 339K
  • GeneChip Human Genome U133A 2.0 Array – 18K
  • PrimeView Human Gene Expression Array - 36K
  • Clariom D Array - Rats,>21400
    Human, >54000
    Mouse, >21400
  • Infinium OmniExpressExome -958K
  • The GeneChip Porcine Genome Array - 23K
  • GeneChip Canine Genome 2.0 Array – 18 K
  • GeneChip Drosophila Genome 2.0 Array - 18K
  • GeneChip Chicken Genome Array – 33K
  • GeneChip Mouse Gene – 35K
  • The GeneChip Porcine Genome Array -23K
  • GeneChip Wheat Genome Array – 55K
  • GeneChip Rice Genome Array
  • GeneChip Soybean Genome Array – 37K
  • GeneChip Maize Genome Array – 15K

Features and Benefits

  • Accurate and simultaneous expression analysis of the whole transcriptome
  • Flexible, tailor-made solutions for any project
  • Available for a lot of species
  • Cost-effective analysis using the off-the-shelf catalog or custom arrays
  • Exceptional study design, data analysis options, and support
  • Peace of mind with complete sample tracking and quality assurance
  • Rapid delivery of high-quality results using automated sample processing

SNP Microarray Workflow

The general workflow for gene expression Microarray is outlined below. We have three well-recognized genotyping platforms right along with different arrays, covering different species. Our highly experienced expert team executes quality management, following every procedure to ensure confident and unbiased results.

Gene Expression Profiling Microarray Service

Service Specifications

Sample requirements
  • More than 100 ng of total RNA as input for microarray sample preparation.
  • We can work with less if necessary, and additional charges will be applied.
  • A wide range of arrays are available for humans, plants, and animals, or Custom genotyping arrays panels can be created to fully meet your specific needs
  • GeneTitan instrument
  • GeneChip Scanner
  • Illumina iScan
  • Accuracy and reliability for the assays are usually above 99.5%
Bioinformatics Analysis We provide customized bioinformatics analysis including:
  • Alignment and TPM/RPKM/FPKM-based quantitation
  • Expression analysis
  • Statistics of SNPs/Indels
  • Alternative splicing analysis
  • GO and KEGG annotation

Our Full Service covers the complete process, from initial sample quality control to the comprehensive data analysis. Besides, CD Genomics can also help to create your own custom microarray which can be tailored to meet specific project requirements. If you have additional requirements or questions, please feel free to contact us.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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