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What is SNP?
SNP is the abbreviation of a single nucleotide polymorphism. It is the DNA sequence polymorphism caused by variation of single nucleotide, including the transition, transversion, insertion and deficiency of a single base.
On average, one in 1,000 nucleotides in human genome is SNP. There are more than three million SNPs in the whole bases of human beings.
What is SNP genotyping?
SNP genotyping is a technology which locates the SNP and analyzes it.
The main methods of SNP genotyping
There are four main methods for SNP genotyping: TaqMan probe, SNaPshot, HRM, Mass Array and Illumina BeadXpress. According to different lab needs, customers can choose a suitable method they need. TaqMan is suitable for small quantities of SNPs; The SNaPshot of ABI is good for SNPs with 10- 30loca; The HRM is cheap and easy operating; The Mass Array is the most advanced technology for SNP genotyping. It has the characteristics of high efficiency and flexibility; The BeadXpress has a fast screening speed and it costs low for high-throughput screening.
Why we do research on SNP genotyping?
The SNP is the most common form of human genetic variation. Most of them are simple polymorphism, but some are related to some diseases, such as drepanocytosis.


Different population has frequency distribution. The difference can be the genetic diversity of a certain population. The research on SNP genotyping can help us find new disease-causing genes and susceptibility genes. It can also help us know genetic difference between races, populations and individuals, the relationship between diseases and individual difference, and different reactions of individuals for medicines.
Why CD Genomics?
We choose the Mass Array system, which is effective and flexible and can meet any needs of your lab. As you can see, our work-flow is totally standard and reliable with the support of our professional team. For nearly ten years, we have worked with many research centers and personal labs. We know exactly what you need and what is suitable for your experiments.
Other useful information about SNP genotyping
SNP genotyping database:
The dbSNP data base of ncbi;
International HapMap Project;
UC Santa Cruz Genome Assembly;

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