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Over the past six million years, the microorganisms have evolved together with human beings. Over time, the human and microbial flora constitute a complex ecosystem. In general, microorganisms in human host are responsible for resisting the colonization of exogenous pathogenic microorganisms. However, sometimes potential pathogens are in close contact with human and lead to opportunistic infections in immune-compromised hosts. Certain microbes have special functions that are known to be useful to human hosts, but the role of most resident microbes is still unclear. Moreover, according to the evidence, scientists now believe that modern trends in diet, overuse of antibiotics, obsession with cleanliness and so on can disrupt the delicate balance, leading to some of the most perplexing diseases, including asthma, allergy, obesity, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, cancer and even autism.

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Accelerate Your Study in Microecology and Human/Animal Health

In the past decades, large-scale endeavors provide a preliminary understanding of the biology and medical significance of human microbiota. DNA-based analyses, especially next-generation sequencing, have expanded our horizon by generating enormous new data sets that can be mined for information on the composition and functional properties of microbial communities. With extensive experience in human microbiome research, we can provide a comprehensive solution to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as academia and government agencies.

CD Genomics explores the human microbiota at the following parts of the body:

  • Gut Microecology

    Gut microorganisms are closely related to human health and are involved in human immune and metabolic systems. Gut microecology is a hot topic due to its curative effects on a wide range of human diseases. We provide a complete list of microbial solutions to study gut microecology, including gut microbiome composition and the link between gut microbiome and human health.

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  • Oral Microecology

    Microbes adhere to the teeth and gums and are closely related to many human diseases, such as dental caries and periodontal disease. We apply high-throughput sequencing (Roche 454, Illumina MiSeq/HiSeq, PacBio SMRT sequencing) to diversity analysis of respiratory tract and oral microbiome, allowing researchers and clinicians to know more about the relationship between oral microorganisms and human health.

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  • Skin Microecology

    As a physical barrier, skin prevents the invasion of foreign pathogens and provides a home to a diverse microbiota. Once the balance of skin microbiota is broken, there is a possibility of development of human disease. We apply 16S/18S/ITS amplicon and shotgun metagenomics DNA sequencing to investigate the taxonomic diversity of skin microorganisms and the link of skin microbiota and human health.

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  • Female Reproductive Tract Microecology

    Female reproductive tract microecology plays vital roles in female health, reproductive health, and delivery of infants. Microbes may cause biochemical or inflammatory reaction, while some microbes are important for vaginal environment. We utilize high-throughput sequencing and bioinformatics analysis to analyze the microbial composition in the female reproductive tract, and identify microorganisms that are associated with antibiotic use and inflammation.

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CD Genomics offers comprehensive microbial analysis solutions to assist researchers in basic research and microbiology-based innovations, including

  • Biomarker discovery

    The human microbiota, consisting of the total complement linked with human hosts, is an emerging area for metagenomic biomarker discovery. We sequence the metagenome and analyze the metagenomic data to identify biomarker for various disease states through comparative analysis.

  • Drug discovery and development

    Host-microbiome interactions are probable targets for new diagnostics and therapeutics. We focus on how microbial genomics transforms the pharmaceutical communities' capability for developing new drugs (such as antibacterial drug), including target identification.

  • Personalized medicine

    Individual host-microbiome phenotypes can be integrated with other "omics" data to enhance precision medicine. We apply integrated microbial genomics approaches to help pharmaceutical industry develop personalized medicine and assist research facilities in determining the optimal treatment by profiling patient microbiome.

  • Microbial innovations

    The dynamic human microbiome provides a number of metabolic functions and molecular signals for the maintenance of human health and beauty. We are dedicated to offering microbial genomics services for developing novel health care product, skin care product, daily chemical product, etc.

We deliver personalized services to meet your human microorganisms research demands.

Comprehensive Solutions Accelerate Your Human Health Research

We are committed to supporting our customers' research on microecology and human health with a range of microbial genomics solutions. We have extensive expertise to handle all types of human microbiome samples from oral, feces, reproductive tract, skin and so on. We choose suitable microbial genomics solutions based on your experimental purpose, and the deliverables include: original data, experimental results, data analysis report and details for writing.


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