Microorganisms in Crop Yield

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Enormous amounts of microorganisms live both within and on crop plants, the crop plant and its microorganisms form a holistic system. The balance between microorganisms and crop plant is crucial to resist plant disease and promotes plant growth. If the equilibrium between beneficial and harmful microorganisms is disturbed, diseases will occur. Selective utilization of the diversity of microbial species and their functions provides opportunities to improve agricultural production. The rapid development of sequencing technology has brought great benefit to the research of microorganisms in crop yield.

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Plant-related microorganisms have great potential in the agricultural system to improve plant resilience and yield. There is growing evidence suggests that biotechnology using microorganisms or their metabolites can enhance nutrient uptake and yield, control pests and mitigate plant stress responses. The application of microorganisms in crop yield has and will continue to promote sustainable production. Our goal is to promote your understanding of those microorganisms in crop yield and fully realize the potential of microbial technology through next-generation sequencing and third-generation sequencing.

We use Illumina NGS and PacBio SMRT sequencing to help you explore:

  • Microbial Pesticides

    Discovering the genes involved in the anti-microbial and insecticidal effect, helping scientist to develop new microbial pesticides, including microbial insecticides, microbial fungicides and microbial herbicides.

  • Microbial Soil Amendments

    The population structure and diversity of soil microorganisms were analyzed and their dynamic changes were studied by using our sequencing platform and professional biology analysis, which provided a reliable basis for accelerating the development of microbial soil amendments for remediating heavy metal in the soil and organic substances.

  • Microbial Fertilizers

    Through our sequencing technologies, we can capture the gene information of the vast majority of the microorganisms present in the soil, rhizosphere and phyllosphere, giving a better understanding of the interactions between inoculated strains and native microbiomes under field conditions. This could expedite the isolation of key microbial species and develop microbial biofertilizers and synthetic microbial communities that promote crop yield.

We also deliver personalized services to meet your research demands.

Comprehensive Solutions Improve Crop Yield

We are committed to supporting our customers' research and practice on crop yield with a range of microbial genomics solutions. We have extensive expertise to handle samples from soil, rhizosphere, phyllosphere and so on. We choose suitable microbial genomics solutions based on your experimental purpose, and the deliverables include: original data, experimental results, data analysis report and details for writing.


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