Microbial Short-Chain Fatty Acid Analysis

Short-chain fatty acids (SCFA) are organic acids, generally known for their function as intestinal fermentation products, with less than 6 carbons. There are many kinds of SCFAs, but the three major SCFAs have become the subject of most research concern: acetate, propionate, and butyrate. In addition to these SCFAs, isovalerate, valerate, and isobutyrate are other widely researched SCFAs. As SCFAs are the result of dietary fermentation of insoluble fibers (e.g. cellulose, resistant starch) by intestinal bacteria, it has been found that these fatty acids play a significant role in the control of intestinal metabolism and are directly related to gastrointestinal disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome and other conditions such as obesity. One can control gut health and inflammation by quantifying SCFA in stools.

Our Advantages:
  • Standardized laboratory methods and strict quality control.
  • Advanced metabolomic solutions coupled with genome-based analysis.
  • Use longer columns and higher carrier gas velocity for rapid separation.
  • High reliability and can be run continuously.
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Introduction to Our Microbial Short-Chain Fatty Acid Analysis Service

SCFAs are products of insoluble fiber produced by bacteria in the intestinal tract from fermentation. These fatty acids have been shown to play a significant role in regulating intestinal metabolism and have been strongly associated with gastrointestinal disorders and other diseases. By quantifying SCFAs in stool, intestinal health and inflammation can be monitored. Integrating SCFA analysis into your study can provide the panorama of the microbial community and their physiological status.

CD Genomics provides comprehensive microbial short-chain fatty acid profiling service in couple with genome-based analysis. During the process, fatty acids are converted to acceptable volatile derivatives, we use longer columns and higher carrier gas velocity for rapid separation, and the analysis can be run continuously. Our state-of-the-art GC/MS platform can lead to greater analysis sensitivity, selectivity, and reliability.

Microbial SCFAs Analysis Workflow

SCFAs Bioinformatics Analysis

CD Genomics delivers a standardized review and research kit that can be configured according to the purposes of the research.

Core Databases Electron ionization MS library
National Institute of Standards and Technology mass spectral library
Data Analysis Metrics Skewness and kurtosis
Cosine correlation and peak intensity weighting
Data for short-chain fatty acid analysis
Quality metrics of the sequencing run
Bar plots and ordinations of the SCFAs in each sample
Breakdown of groups: control versus treatment

Sample Requirement

CD Genomics supports your project concerned with SCFAs from faeces, urine, and more.

Sampling kits: we provide a range of microbial sampling kits for clients, such as MicroCollect™ stool sample collection products.

* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures or other clinical purposes.
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