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Metagenomic Shotgun Sequencing

Our metagenomic shotgun sequencing platform aims to serve as a rapid and powerful tool to help our customers in obtaining all valuable microbial genetic information contained in environmental samples. We go to great lengths to always deliver qualified data and customized bioinformatics analysis to meet our customers’ needs.

Our Advantages:
  • 10+ years of commercial experience in life science research industry
  • State-of-the-art sequencing platforms including both next-generation and long-read sequencing platforms
  • Allow for the detection of low abundance members of microbial communities
  • Flexible sequencing strategies and comprehensive data analysis
  • Cost-effective and time-efficient services
  • Satisfactory customer service throughout the whole service lifecycle
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Introduction to our metagenomic shotgun sequencing

Shotgun metagenomic sequencing allows us to comprehensively understand all genes of all microorganisms present in a complex sample. This NGS-based method can detect rare microbes in the microbial communities that are likely to be missed or too expensive to detect using other methods. Our integrated metagenomic sequencing platform applies state-of-the-art sequencing systems, including Illumina HiSeq 2500 and HiSeq 4000 (PE 150), which produce at least 5 Gb raw data per each sample. We promise more than 80% of bases with a Q30 quality score. In addition to this method, we also provide PacBio and Nanopore based long-read metagenomics and 16S/18S/ITS sequencing services.

Metagenomic shotgun sequencing can accelerate scientific research in the following areas: (i) the genetic diversity of host-associated microbial communities; (ii) the functional diversity of microbial communities; (iii) gene prediction and annotation; (iv) host-microbe interactions; (v) microbiota-based disease mechanisms. Our platform has the potential to help our customers in multiple fields, including scientific research, medicine, agriculture, bioengineering, pharmaceutical industry, environmental remediation, etc.

Metagenomic shotgun sequencing workflow

Our highly experienced expert team executes quality management following each procedure to ensure comprehensive and accurate results.

Bioinformatics Analysis

We offer excellent selection of customized bioinformatics analysis, including standard analysis such as metagenome assembly, taxonomic assignment, functional annotation, alpha and beta diversity analysis, gene prediction (KEGG, GO, COG), etc.

Data QC Removal of low-quality sequences and adapter sequences
Taxonomic assignment Sequence alignment and taxonomic assignment
Microbial diversity analysis α and β diversity analysis, meta-analysis, LEfSe, VENN, PCA.
Function annotations KEGG, eggNOG, GO, etc.
CAZy Prediction of genes coding for carbohydrate-active enzyme and correlation analysis
CARD Prediction of resistance genes and correlation analysis
CAG (co-abundance genes)/MLG (linkage groups) analysis Study the association between disease and microbial strains
CAG, co-abundance genes group
MLG, metagenomic linkage groups
CNV Correlation analysis between microbial copy number variation (CNV) and disease
Pathogen prediction VirSorter, VirFinder, MARVEL

Sample Requirement

Sampling kits: We provide a complete range of microbial sampling kits for clients, including microbial collection products, DNA/RNA isolation kits, and accessories for storage and transport.

Deliverables: Raw sequencing data (FASTQ), trimmed and stitched sequences (FASTA), and your designated bioinformatics report, including taxonomic assignment, functional annotation, microbial community structure analysis, prediction of bacteriophage sequences, statistics analysis, etc.


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