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Microbial Functional Gene Analysis Service by NGS

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CD Genomics offers a comprehensive list of genomics solutions to characterize microorganism strains, from the strain identification to the complete genome analysis. Our team of experts has strong background in microbiology and microbial genomics. Each procedure will be executed diligently to ensure comprehensive and accurate data and analysis report. CD Genomics has had years of experience in microbial identification, taxonomy and characterization.

Our Advantages:
  • Standardized laboratory methods and strict quality control.
  • Professional, comprehensive and customized bioinformatics analysis pipeline.
  • Advanced genomics solutions and genome-based analysis.
  • State-of-the-art sequencing platforms including next- and third- generation sequencing.
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We are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service and being reachable at all times.

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Introduction to our microbial characterization services

Identification and characterization of microorganisms are critical parts of the management of industrial manufacturing, tracing contaminants and preventing spoilage, to ensure product safety and quality. Both Food Safety Authority (FDA) and European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) require full knowledge of the microorganisms used as food ingredients or production strains. We offer complete genome-based solutions to help you meet the requirements for regulatory approval. Besides, microbial characterization is also important for basic research, soil microbiome analysis, and so on.

Our molecular biology methods for microbial strain identification and characterization include quantitative PCR, 16S/18S/ITS gene sequencing, microbial whole-genome sequencing, metagenomics, microbial identification and strain typing. We help you identify microbial strains and assess whether it poses a safety concern or is likely to be heat-resistant. To support strain development and optimization of microorganisms used as feed or food additive, we offer antibiotic resistance gene (ARG) screening, identification of mobile genetic elements that promote transfer of antibiotic resistance genes to other microorganisms, functional annotation, plasmid identification, gene copy number analysis, SNP analysis, gene expression analysis, and genome comparison analysis.

Microbial characterization workflow

We perform complete genome-based microbial strain characterization required by EFSA or FDA.

Bioinformatics Analysis

We are flexible to your needs for bioinformatics analysis. Please feel free to contact us for discussing your project.

Bioinformatics Analysis Details
Taxonomic assignment Determination of microbial isolates to the strain level based on sequence consensus
Functional annotation Gene prediction and functional annotation based on databases including KEGG, COG, etc.
ARG screening Identifying ARGs and tracking their transfer across genomes
Comparative genomics Variant calling (InDels, SVs, SNPs)
Others Gene copy number analysis, insertion cassette analysis, gene expression analysis

Sample requirement

    1. 1.8 < OD260/280 < 2.0, OD260/230 ≥ 1.8, no degradation or contamination.
    2. Illumina platform: prokaryotic/eukaryotic DNA/cDNA amount ≥ 2 μg, viral DNA/cDNA amount ≥ 1 ug
    3. PacBio platform: bacterial DNA amount ≥ 5 μg, fungal DNA amount ≥ 10 μg

Sampling kits: we provide a range of microbial sampling kits for clients, including MicroCollect™ oral sample microbial collection products and MicroCollect™ stool sample collection products.

Deliverables: Raw sequencing data (FASTQ), trimmed and stitched sequences, quality-control dashboard, statistic data, and your designated bioinformatics report.

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