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Infectious diseases pose a significant threat to human health, caused by one or more pathogens leading to infection and clinical symptoms. The variety of pathogens includes bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites, and others. The emergence of new pathogens and increasingly complex pathogenic factors makes precise diagnosis of infectious diseases a global challenge.

In recent years, the pathogens causing human infections have become more complex and diverse. The misuse of antibiotics has led to bacterial resistance, making pathogenic microorganisms a global focus. According to WHO statistics, infectious diseases account for over 25% of all deaths globally, with more than 13 million children dying from infectious diseases each year. In China, infectious diseases comprise over 50% of all diseases, with 75% of hematopoietic system tumor patients and 50% of solid tumor patients succumbing to infections. The mortality rate of sepsis (severe infection) patients is as high as 50%.

Facing the global pandemic of novel coronavirus pneumonia, which poses severe challenges to the world economy and human health, precise and rapid detection of pathogens has become a critical focus. Next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology provides a potential breakthrough to address this issue.

CD Genomics, leveraging NGS technology, offers metagenomic sequencing (mNGS), targeted NGS (tNGS), and comprehensive pathogen whole genomics sequencing services for pathogen research projects worldwide.

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Pathogen mNGS Service

A diverse array of bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, and humans coexist in the environment, and these microorganisms may be pathogens causing various infectious diseases. mNGS, independent of traditional microbial culture, directly performs high-throughput sequencing on DNA or RNA from clinical samples. It enables rapid and objective detection of various pathogens in clinical samples.

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Targeted Pathogen Sequencing (tNGS)

Targeted NGS (tNGS) combines multiplex PCR with high-throughput sequencing technology. It simultaneously detects dozens to hundreds of common pathogenic microorganisms and their drug-resistant genes in samples. While improving sensitivity, it reduces the amount of sequencing data, achieving dual optimization of cost and performance. Unlike mNGS, which covers a broad spectrum without bias, tNGS uses targeted amplification or capture to detect a group of pathogens, gene sets, or specific genomic regions of interest. Moreover, tNGS requires less data, providing faster detection speed and quicker data analysis and report generation.

Pathogen Sequencing Solutins

Pathogens Whole Genome Sequencing Service

Comprehensive pathogen sequencing and analysis involve extracting total nucleic acids from microbial communities in infectious samples. Libraries containing both DNA and RNA are constructed for high-throughput sequencing. Bioinformatics analysis determines the sequence and abundance of various pathogenic microorganisms in the sample. This approach allows in-depth analysis of the diversity, pathogenicity, and discovery of new viruses in the sample. It significantly enhances the positive rate of pathogen diagnosis, providing a rapid and accurate basis for diagnosing infectious diseases.

Pathogen Sequencing Solutins

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