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Microbial Functional Gene Analysis Service

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Microbes perform a vital part in various biogeochemical systems (soil, ocean, etc.) via carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus cycling. Functional gene diversity and the composition of the bacterial communities assess its metabolic capability and therefore its ecological functions. In ecological and biogeochemical mechanisms, the microbial function is essential to the position or actions associated with their functional genes. Both gene transcription and environmental factors implement the function of microbes in in situ ecosystems. In the meantime, the existence and variety of microbial functional genes suggest a related functional potential in the environment. Thus, knowing the variability of functional genes and disclosing the microbial functional capacity is crucial to link the microbial population to ecological and biogeochemical mechanisms. In turn, the microbial population is inevitably influenced by the environment it inhabits.

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Microbial Functional Gene Analysis Service
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We are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service and being reachable at all times.

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Introduction to Our Microbial Functional Gene Analysis Platform

Microbial Functional Gene Analysis Service

It is essential to determine which genes are conveyed in a preferred physiological ecosystem to guarantee the accurate efficiency of microbial strains. As a component of our comprehensive microbial characterization solutions, CD Genomics provides support to gauge mRNA rates indirectly or directly using next-generation sequencing (NGS) and long-read sequencing innovations. With our years of expertise in microbial detection, analysis of diversity, and characterization, we offer skilled microbial genomics assistance. Our gene expression assessment system allows the classification at the molecular tier of phenotypic variation, offers an overview of the role of differential gene expression in microbial bioprocesses, and helps to identify novel genes and isoforms of mRNA. The assessment of gene expression is most easily defined as the study of how genes are translated to synthesize functional gene products or protein products of functional RNA species. The gene regulation research offers perspectives into normal cellular procedures, such as differentiation, and mechanisms that are abnormal or pathological.

Microbial Functional Gene Analysis Service

By identifying and quantitating mRNA transcripts, metatranscriptomic evaluations gauge the expression of multiple genes and functions simultaneously. Metatranscriptomics uncovers the bacterial population's functional variability in various ecosystems, as well as investigating the microbial reaction in a modified surroundings Metatranscriptomics explores the structural and functional diversity of a certain microbial community at the same time. We also use the RNA-seq technique to locate, quantify and compare, under different situations, the mRNA transcript levels of a specific microbial strain. For gene expression analysis, we provide both microbial RNA-seq based on NGS and full-length, direct RNA sequencing-based on PacBio SMRT or Oxford nanopore platforms.

Microbial Functional Gene Analysis Service Workflow

Microbial Functional Gene Analysis Service

Bioinformatics Analysis

Our bioinformatics analysis services are flexible to your specific projects.

Data QC Read quality evaluation, trimming and filtering.
Real-Time PCR Steady-state mRNA rates are quantitated by reverse cDNA RNA transcription accompanied by quantitative cDNA PCR (qPCR)
Gene Expression Analysis Explore novel genes and isoforms of mRNA, estimate levels of gene expression, and quantify alternative happenings of splicing.

Sample Requirements

  • Microbial Functional Gene Analysis Service

    1. RNA amount ≥ 3 μg; concentration ≥ 50 ng/μL; RIN ≥ 7.0; 28S/18S ≥ 1.5; 1.8 < OD260/280 < 2.2; OD260/230 ≥ 1.8

Sampling kits: We provide a range of microbial sampling kits for clients, including MicroCollect™ oral sample microbial collection products and MicroCollect™ stool sample collection products.


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