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Yeast Colony Sequencing

The yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae is extensively used in bio-industries for the synthesis of non-natural chemicals, like therapeutic glycoproteins. We offer yeast colony sequencing to streamline your yeast genetics projects, whether it is yeast colony screening or yeast genetic modification experiments. You only need to submit yeast colonies without DNA preparation or even PCR amplification step on your part, and we are dedicated to ensuring the delivery of the highest-quality sequencing data and analysis report.

Our Advantages:
  • You simply submit yeast colony samples, primers/target, and PCR conditions.
  • Automated workflow and fast turnaround times.
  • PCR amplification directly from your yeast colonies without the need for microbial isolation.
  • Delivery of robust PCR and sequencing results, and data analysis report.
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Introduction to our yeast colony sequencing platform

We offer the rapid, reliable yeast colony sequencing service for researchers as it is important to guarantee the quality of engineered yeast strains through a rigorous validation process in bio-industries or laboratories. Our yeast colony sequencing platform can directly amplify genes of interest from yeast colonies including strains with N-glycosylation modifications, without the need for DNA preparation step. You can supply the primers or tell us the targets, and we are responsible for the design, synthesis, and validation of the primers. The PCR product is observed and tested by agarose gel electrophoresis. Qualified PCR product is subsequently sequenced in both directions.

S. cerevisiae has been engineered into “living foundries” for high-value chemical production like therapeutic proteins as it is easy to culture, safe for humans, and has powerful tools to modify its genome. The effectiveness of this process relies on the number of modified strains, and inappropriate genetic engineering that introduces new metabolism pathways can cause undesired phenotypic alterations. Therefore, our yeast colony sequencing can be used in a wide range of bio-industries, pharmaceutical industries, and research laboratories for screening yeast colony and fast-tracking yeast genetic medication experiments, not limited to S. cerevisiae.

Project Workflow

Sample requirement

Deliverables: Raw sequencing data (FASTQ), quality-control dashboard, q-PCR data, gel electrophoretogram, and your designated analysis report.


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