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Metagenomics, basically speaking, is the study of genetic material recovered directly from environmental samples. In a broader sense, it can also be referred to environmental genomics, or ecogenomics. In traditional, cultivated clonal cultures were used most for microbiology and microbial genome sequencing. However, through those processes, a large number of microbial biodiversity had been missed. In recent studies, shortgun or PCR directed sequencing were used mostly to get largely unbiased samples of all genes from all members of the sampled communities. Coupled with the decrease of price of DNA sequencing, microbial ecology can be investigated at a much larger scale and in a more detailed manner by metagenomics.

For its significance in the field, Metagenomics Sequencing Service is now commercially available in a large number of companies. So why should you choose CD Genomics as your partner from numerous companies for your Metagenomics Sequencing?

Firstly, CD Genomics has years of experience in providing sequencing services. Its customers cover all the world. As an expert in this field, CD Genomics offers its customers a full range of metagenomics solutions. Customers can save a lot of time searching for what they want, because we have a relatively comprehensive service list for them to choose like: Whole genome metagenomic sequencing, Establish microbial gene catalogue, Human microbe & related disease association analysis and Metatranscriptome survey, etc.

Secondly, based on our first-rate technique, we have launched CD Genomics proprietary GenSeqTM Technology, enabling the reveal of the previously hidden diversity of microscopic life. Of note, our staff are all experts in this field, offering professional advice for their valued customers.

Thirdly, Metagenomics Sequencing Service in CD Genomics has a wide range of applications: whether you want to analyze the relative abundance of microbial species under varying environmental conditions, or to discover new genes and make functional predictions in unculturable species our Metagenomics Sequencing Service can help. It can also be used to perform gene expression analysis and functional annotation within microbial communities…

Most importantly, choosing our Metagenomics Sequencing Service means there’s no need to culture samples (Most microbes non-culturable); You can study microbes in the native environment as well as detect more novel microbes and genes from the environmental microbial community. Moreover, high-throughput, cost-effective reads and sequencing are guaranteed.

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