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Microbial Fingerprints, Health Insights Gleaned from Individual Gut Microbiome Dynamics April 9, 2021

NEW YORK – A new sequencing study suggests gut microbial communities are individualized and relatively stable over time, though the extent of that genetic stability varies somewhat with the microbial species considered. Researchers from the Netherlands and Israel did metagenomic sequencing on fecal samples from......

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Low-Coverage Sequencing Effectively IDs Novel Variants in Underrepresented Populations March 26, 2021

NEW YORK – An international group of researchers has shown that low-coverage sequencing can effectively identify novel variants in the genomes of individuals from populations that are currently underrepresented in genomic databases, and can help overcome challenges presented by common genotyping arrays.......

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Comprehensive Profiling of Circular RNAs with Nanopore Sequencing and CIRI-Long March 11, 2021

Reconstructing the sequence of circular RNAs (circRNAs) from short RNA sequencing reads has proved challenging given the similarity of circRNAs and their corresponding linear messenger RNAs. Previous sequencing methods were unable to achieve high-throughput detection of full-length circRNAs. Here we describe a protocol for......

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Human Pangenome Reference Consortium Releases Data from 30 Genomes March 3, 2021

The genomes, available through repositories in the US, Europe, and Japan, include data from Pacific Biosciences' HiFi reads, Oxford Nanopore Technologies' ultralong reads, and Bionano Genomics' optical mapping. Hi-C data for all 30 samples generated with Dovetail Genomics' Omni-C kits will be released this month.......

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SUGAR-seq Enables Simultaneous Detection of Glycans, Epitopes, and the Transcriptome in Single Cells February 19, 2021

Multimodal single-cell RNA sequencing enables the precise mapping of transcriptional and phenotypic features of cellular differentiation states but does not allow for simultaneous integration of critical posttranslational modification data. Here, we describe SUrface-protein Glycan and RNA-seq (SUGAR-seq), a method that......

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New Genetic Test Effectively Screens for Hereditary Cancers February 18, 2021

Researchers have developed a new integrated genetic/epigenetic DNA-sequencing protocol known as MultiMMR that can identify the presence and cause of mismatch repair (MMR) deficiency in a single test from a small sample of DNA in colon, endometrial and other cancers. This alternative to complex, multi-step testing workflows can also......

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Million-Year-Old DNA Provides a Glimpse of Mammoth Evolution February 17, 2021

In 2013, DNA from a horse that lived sometime between 560,000 and 780,000 years ago was sequenced. It was the most ancient DNA sample ever analysed. But that record has just been smashed by van der Valk and colleagues, writing in Nature. The authors retrieved DNA from the molars of three......

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Genome-Wide Detection of Cytosine Methylation by Single Molecule Real-Time Sequencing February 2, 2021

5-Methylcytosine (5mC) is an important type of epigenetic modification. Bisulfite sequencing (BS-seq) has limitations, such as severe DNA degradation. Using single molecule real-time sequencing, we developed a methodology to directly examine 5mC. This approach holistically......

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DNA-Editing Method Shows Promise to Treat Mouse Model of Progeria January 6, 2021

Researchers have successfully used a DNA-editing technique to extend the lifespan of mice with the genetic variation associated with progeria, a rare genetic disease that causes extreme premature aging in children and can significantly shorten their life expectancy. The study was......

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Characterization of the Complete Chloroplast Genome Sequence of Dalbergia Species And Its Phylogenetic Implications December 31, 2019

The pantropical plant genus Dalbergia comprises approximately 250 species, most of which have a high economic and ecological value. However, these species are among the most threatened due to illegal logging and the timber trade. To enforce protective legislation and ensure effective conservation of......

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