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Characterization of The Complete Chloroplast Genome Sequence of Dalbergia Species And Its Phylogenetic Implications December 31/2019

  December 31, 2019 Yun Song, Yongjiang Zhang, Jin Xu, Weimin Li & MingFu Li Scientific Reports volume 9, Article number: 20401 (2019) Abstract The pantropical plant genus Dalbergia comprises......

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Top 10 Most-Read Genomics News Stories of 2019 December 20/2019

  December 20, 2019 2019 was an exciting time for research developments in the genomics field. Here, we revisit the top 10 most-read news stories published on Front Line Genomics. New Blood Test ......

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Autoimmune Issues Could be Linked to Extra X Chromosome in Females December 12/2019

  December 12, 2019 Researchers have discovered a possible explanation for why autoimmune disease are more common in females. The research, Published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of......

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Trio Deep-sequencing Does Not Reveal Unexpected Off-target and On-target Mutations in Cas9-edited Rhesus Monkeys December 4/ 2019

  December 4, 2019 Xin Luo, Yaoxi He, Chao Zhang, Xiechao He, Lanzhen Yan, Min Li, Ting Hu, Yan Hu, Jin Jiang, Xiaoyu Meng, Weizhi Ji, Xudong Zhao, Ping Zheng, Shuhua Xu & Bing Su Nature Communic......

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Gut Microbiota Imbalance Promotes The Onset of Colorectal Cancer November 26/2019

  November 26, 2019 Sporadic Colorectal Cancer is one of the most common cancers worldwide with over 42,000 cases a year in the UK and a 57% survival rate over ten years. The exact causes of colo......

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The New Way to Translate A Dog’s Age into Human Years November 18/2019

  November 18, 2019 Over 100,000 people die each day from age-related causes and the mechanisms are poorly understood. The main factors implicated are cell death, DNA damage and DNA methylation. ......

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Ultralow Amounts of DNA from Long-term Archived Serum Samples Produce Quality Genotypes November 12/2019

  December 12, 2019 Trine B. Rounge, Marianne Lauritzen, Sten Even Erlandsen, Hilde Langseth, Oddgeir Lingaas Holmen & Randi E. Gislefoss European Journal of Human Genetics (2019) Sample characte......

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Full-length Transcriptome Reconstruction Reveals A Large Diversity of RNA And Protein Isoforms in Rat Hippocampus November 1/2019

  November 1, 2019 Xi Wang, Xintian You, Julian D. Langer, Jingyi Hou, Fiona Rupprecht, Irena Vlatkovic, Claudia Quedenau, Georgi Tushev, Irina Epstein, Bernhard Schaefke, Wei Sun, Liang Fang, Gu......

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A New Gene Editing Tool That Can Reverse Harmful Mutations October 28/2019

  October 28, 2019 Currently the CRISPR Cas-9 system is the most widely used gene editing technique. It works by making double stranded DNA breaks, which can result in multiple insertions and del......

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ATCC Launched Its New Reference-Quality Genomes October 18/2019

  October 18, 2019 Manassas, VA – October 1, 2019 –ATCC launched its new ATCC Genome Portal, a publicly available database of reference-quality genome sequences matched to authenticated ATCC biol......

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