Total RNA Sequencing Q&A

  • General Questions
  • What kinds of Total RNA Sequencing Services do you provide?
  • How does Total RNA-Seq work?
  • Should I choose total RNA sequencing or mRNA sequencing?
  • What kinds of RNA species can be obtained by total RNA sequencing?
  • Which strategies to use to improve RNA sequencing data quality?
  • What sequencing platforms are used for RNA-Seq?
  • Can you analyze small RNAs or miRNAs?
  • How much sequencing data do I need in Total RNA Sequencing?
  • What bioinformatic analysis does total RNA sequencing provide?
  • Sample Preparation
  • What sample types do we support?
  • How to extract total RNA?
  • How should I take samples?
  • How to Order
  • How should I prepare and send samples?
  • What kind of data will I receive?
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