Frequently Asked Questions

  • Sample delivery

  • 1.What starting materials does CD Genomics accept for the services?
  • 2.We will have several samples collected in different time points. Should we do sequencing when we collect all samples?
  • 3.Can you recommend any preferred RNA/DNA isolation kits to provide the best quality samples for NGS services?
  • 4.How long does CD Genomics keep my samples for? Do you send the left over samples back to me?
  • 5.Will the long-distance transport (e.g. international) affect the sample condition?
  • 6.Do you accept FFPE samples for WES and RNA-seq?
  • Technology platform

  • 1.Which sequencing platforms do you have?
  • 2.How do you guarantee the sequencing quality?
  • 3.What kind of methods do you use for QC?
  • 4.How many biological replicates do I need for each condition?
  • 5.Do you pool samples/libraries in one sequencing lane?
  • 6.If we don’t have enough input material as you suggest, can you still proceed?
  • 7.Do you accept self-prepared libraries?
  • 8.What technology do you use for SNP genotyping?
  • 9.What advantages does RNA-Seq have over using Gene Expression Profiling Microarray?
  • 10.When is it necessary to eliminate rRNA from my samples before sequencing, and what’s the advantage by doing that?
  • 11.Do we need to perform miRNA isolation for miRNA sequencing?
  • 12.What if the sequencing fails?
  • Analysis report

  • 1.How do I get the raw data?
  • 2.What kind of special software is needed to view the data report files?
  • 3.What kind of data do you deliver?
  • 4.How long will my project data be stored?
  • 5.Should I provide a reference genome for data analysis?
  • Schedule

  • 1.What is the turnaround time for your NGS services?
  • 2.What's the typical validity period of quotation?
  • Privacy security

  • 1.Do I own intellectual property of my results? And how you can ensure the security of our data?
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