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Transcriptomics Sequencing

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CD Genomics is proud to offering and tailoring most types of transcriptomics services to meet our client’s research objectives and budget. We are able to guide you all the way from project design, initiation, to high-quality results.

The transcriptome is the set of all RNA molecules, including mRNA, rRNA, tRNA, and other noncoding RNA produced in one or a population of cells. Transcriptomics is the high-throughput study of cellular gene expression under specific conditions by cataloguing the complete set of RNA transcripts, including mRNA and non-coding RNAs. Transcriptomics enables genome-wide analysis of transcription at single nucleotide resolution, including determination of the relative abundance of transcripts, unbiased identification of alternative splicing events and post-transcriptional RNA editing events, and detection of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), it is a powerful tool for studying the effect of the transcriptome on information for biological, medical, clinical and pharmaceutical research, drug discovery and development. Transcriptomics has revolutionized our understanding of the dynamic features of the transcriptome.


Transcriptomics Study Procedures

In transcriptomics study, total RNA is firstly isolated from a sample, then library preparation may involve such steps as polyA-based mRNAs enrichment, ribo-depletion based RNAs enrichment, RNA fragmentation, reverse transcription to cDNA, adapter ligation, and PCR amplification. Sequencing can be performed with configuration of Illumina HiSeq single-end, short-read, Illumina HiSeq paired-end, long-read, and PacBio SMRT very long-read reaction. The very long-read sequencing strategy is able to sequence the full-length isoforms without the need of assembly. Poly-A libraries are the superior choice if only coding RNAs are the interest. Conversely, ribo-depletion based library is a more appropriate choice for reliably quantifying noncoding RNAs.

Our Transcriptomics Services Include:

  • RNA-Seq: Reveal RNAs presence and RNAs expression levels at a specific time, enable the discovery of novel gene structures, alternatively spliced isoforms, gene fusions, and SNPs/InDel.
  • Small RNA Sequencing: Characterize miRNA expression and function by expression profiling. Identification of sequence isoforms, prediction of novel miRNAs, and prediction of potential mRNA target molecules.
  • LncRNA Sequencing: Provide comprehensive analysis for both lncRNAs and mRNAs, enabling access to lncRNA and mRNA information in a single sequencing run.
  • CircRNA Sequencing: Acquire the circRNA sequence information with single-base resolution in one time.
  • Degradome Sequencing: Identify miRNA cleavage sites from the degradome effectively and infer target genes accurately.

Our unique combination of long and short reads, single and paired-end sequencing, strand specificity, and capacity for tens of millions to billions of reads per run allows you to sequence your samples in diverse ways. Our experienced personnel can help you to define how our services can be best leveraged for your project, and our strict quality control efforts can ensure you integrity of the delivered results. Please contact our specialists to discuss the suitable library and sequencing strategy you may choose. 

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