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CD Genomics is committed to offering high-quality RNA-Seq services to address the biological questions and facilitate your next great discovery. We provide complete RNA-Seq solutions from experimental design, library preparation, high-throughput sequencing, to standard and customized bioinformatics analysis and publication ready results for species with and without a reference genome.


RNA-Seq is the premier tool to reveal RNAs presence and RNAs expression levels at a specific time by utilizing next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology. In contrast to microarray technology which has issues including cross-hybridization artifacts, poor quantification of lowly and highly expressed genes, and need to know the sequence of a priori, NGS provides far higher coverage and greater resolution of the dynamic nature of the transcriptome, which allows identification of novel and previously-unexpected transcripts, does not require a sequenced genome and circumvents background noise associated with fluorescence quantification, beyond quantifying gene expression.

RNA-Seq can deliver an unbiased and unprecedented high-resolution view of the global transcriptional landscape, which allows an affordable and accurate approach for gene expression quantification and differential gene expression analysis between multiple groups of samples, it also enables the discovery of novel gene structures, alternatively spliced isoforms, gene fusions, SNPs/InDel, and allele-specific expression (ASE). In addition, RNA-seq is also able to assembly new transcriptomes that are not previously studied.

In the process of RNA-Seq, the 3’ poly-A tail of mRNA molecules is enriched from the pool of total RNA by using poly-T oligos that are covalently attached to a given substrate (e.g., magnetic beads). Then the mRNAs are converted to cDNA, fragmented, end-repaired and adapter-ligated for NGS. The library preparation process is illustrated in the Figure 1.

Schematic workflow of RNA-seq library  preparation Figure 1. Schematic workflow of RNA-seq library preparation.

Sequencing Strategy

  • Regular: Illumina HiSeq PE150
  • Differential gene expression study only: Illumina HiSeq SE50
  • Full-length transcript: PacBio Sequel

Recommended Sequencing Depth

  • Regular: 6 Gbase per sample
  • Differential gene expression study only: 4 Gbase per sample
  • Full-length transcript: 18 Gbase per sample

Data Analysis

Our standard analysis includes removal of adapters and low-quality reads, overview of sequencing data such as total data output, genome coverage, genome distribution, sequencing depth across the length of low/medium/high expressed transcript, mapping the reads to reference genome and transcripts (if it has), identification of known mRNA, quantification and differential expression analysis of mRNAs, gene ontology and KEGG enrichment analysis, prediction of novel RNA, alternative splicing variants identification, Indel and SNP detection.

Sample Requirements

  1. Sample type: Total RNA without degradation or DNA contamination.
  2. Starting amount of total RNA: ≥ 2 µg
  3. Sample conc.: ≥ 50 ng/µl
  4. Sample purity: OD260/280 ≥1.8

Key Features and Advantages:

  • High coverage and high resolution
  • Extensive choices of sequencing strategies
  • Experienced specialists can guide you all the way
  • Unsurpassed quality of the results
  • Comprehensive data analysis
  • Cost-effective

If you have additional requirements or questions regarding our RNA-Seq service, do not hesitate to contact us, our specialists would like to address for you, CD Genomics can totally meet your project requirements and budgets and we will be your best work partner in this field.

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