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Metatranscriptomic Sequencing

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Metatranscriptomic Sequencing

CD Genomics is committed to providing metatranscriptomic sequencing service aiming to assist you to probe gene activity diversity, gene expression abundance, gene expression differentiation between different conditions in the microbiomes.

Metatranscriptomics is the study of the function and activity of the complete set of microbial transcripts (both protein-coding RNA and non-coding RNA, also known as metatranscriptome) from environmental samples, which is capable of monitoring RNA-based regulation and expressed biological signatures of complex bacterial communities in a given sample at a given moment and under specific conditions. Metatranscriptome functional-mapping allowed the analysis of global, and genus specific activity of the microbiota, and illustrated the potential of these approaches to unravel syntrophic interactions in microbial ecosystems. Metatranscriptomics offer a more informative perspective compared with metagenomics in revealing active biochemical functions, which has become a focus for applications in the environmental, medical, and energy fields as well as the field of drug discovery.

The workflow of metatranscriptomics is demonstrated in Figure 1.

Workflow of metatranscriptomic  sequencing service Figure 1. Workflow of metatranscriptomic sequencing service.

We accept small number and large number of microbiome samples from a wide variety of sources such as soil, sludge, and feces, with environmental samples for RNA extraction services or extracted RNA. All RNA samples are validated for purity and quantity and subject to quality control prior to processing. You can choose a variety of options regarding the library construction method, the depth of coverage, and the data analysis strategies based on you research aims. The recommended total RNA amount for submission is 6 µg or more with a concentration of ≥ 50 ng/µl.

Recommend Sequencing Platform and Sequencing Depth

  • HiSeq PE125 and 5Gb data (10G if eukaryotic data are included)

Data Analysis

Metatranscriptomics analyses are much more complicate because individual transcripts vary not only due to the different abundance of single species but also due to their different expressions. Our bioinformatics pipeline to analyze the data enables removal of rRNA derived sequences, followed by confident assignment of the predicted function and taxonomic origin of the mRNA reads, which is divided into two strategies: (1) mapping sequence reads to reference genomes and genes and (2) performing de novo assembly of new transcriptomes, the pipeline is outlined in Figure 2. The analyzed results can tell you gene activity diversity, gene expression abundance, and differential gene expression. We can tailor this pipeline to your research interest.

Analysis pipeline for regular metatranscriptome data Figure 2. Analysis pipeline for regular metatranscriptome data.

CD Genomics provides full metatranscriptomic sequencing service package includes sample standardization, library construction, Next-Generation Sequencing on Illumina Hiseq, raw data alignment, down-stream bioinformatics processing and statistical analysis, some of which can be customized to fit your needs. At CD Genomics, with PhD-level specialists and years of experience in this area, we guarantee you with high-quality data and satisfying results. If you have additional requirements or questions, please fell free to contact us, our specialists are more than happy to assist you.

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