Transcriptomics Q&A

  • General Questions

  • Which kinds of transcriptome sequencing can be chosen?
  • How to choose the data volume size for transcriptome sequencing?
  • What is the difference between prokaryotic transcriptome and eukaryotic transcriptome libraries?
  • mRNA transcriptome routine library building process?
  • What is the relationship between transcriptome sequencing and DEG (digital gene expression)?
  • Does transcriptome sequencing require biological replicates?
  • When sequencing the eukaryotic transcriptome, will mitochondrial and chloroplast RNA be detected?
  • Can I do a prokaryotic transcriptome or reference-free transcriptome analysis when the species does not have a reference genome?
  • For the case of bad reference genome, should I choose to sequence the transcriptome without or with reference?
  • What are the factors affecting transcriptome sequencing results?
  • Why do I need to build a strand-specific library?
  • Sample Preparation

  • Do I need to snap freeze my cell sample after adding trizol to RNA extraction?
  • Is 20 mg of adipose tissue enough for transcriptome?
  • What are the precautions to take during the delivery of blood samples for transcriptome sequencing?
  • What do I need to pay attention to during the collection of fresh tissue samples?
  • Can tissue samples be directly stored on dry ice for transcriptome sequencing and will such storage affect the sequencing results?
  • What should I pay attention to when preparing clinical samples such as tumor samples?
  • Can I use trypsin to digest walled cells for RNA-seq and collect samples?
  • Specimen for mRNA, the sample has been precipitated in isopropanol, can this be sent directly, or should I lift the RNA and then send the sample?
  • Can I do general transcriptome with paraffin section samples?
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