Small RNA Sequencing Q&A

  • General Questions

  • Can small RNA sequencing be done if there is no reference genome for the species?
  • For species without reference genome, how to perform small RNA sequencing for target gene prediction?
  • How to perform quality control of Small RNA sequencing libraries?
  • Can I use the results of small RNA sequencing to analyze tRNA?
  • Can I use total RNA to prepare a Small RNA library? Or do I have to isolate or enrich Small RNA as a starting sample?
  • Can I use enriched Small RNA to prepare a Small RNA library?
  • How to perform experimental validation after sRNA sequencing?
  • What are the features of our Small RNA sequencing service?
  • How to perform raw signal analysis of sRNA sequencing
  • If there is no genome sequence, how to find the relevant miRNAs and their target genes?
  • When performing sRNA sequencing, what relevant information do I need to provide in addition to the sample?
  • What is the Read/Tag length for Small RNA sequencing using Illumina Hiseq2000? What is the recommended coverage depth?
  • What factors affect Small RNA sequencing?
  • Sample Preparation

  • What types of samples can be processed by our sRNA sequencing service?
  • What kind of sample requirements are there for Small RNA sequencing?
  • What are the special requirements for sample extraction for small RNA sequencing?
  • Why are there degraded rRNA sequences in the results?
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