RIP Sequencing Q&A

  • General Questions

  • What information should I know before I do the RIP-Seq?
  • What are the requirements for selecting endogenous IP for RIP-seq?
  • How to choose the antibody for RIP?
  • Why do WB pre-experiment evaluation before RIP experiment?
  • My antibody has a target protein band for WB, but why no band for RIP?
  • Are there any quality control experiments that need to be done after immunoprecipitation in RIP experiments?
  • What do I need to pay attention to in RIP experiments?
  • How to evaluate the WB QC results after RIP experiments?
  • How to discover miRNA by RIP-seq and study to predict its function?
  • Is the IP-enriched RNA the target protein-binding RNA?
  • Sample Preparation

  • How to store the samples for RIP-seq?
  • Can the extracted RNA be used for RIP experiments?
  • What is the amount of animal tissue sampled for RIP-seq? And how to sample?
  • If studying tumor samples, what are the sample requirements for RIP-Seq?
  • Can plant tissue be used for RIP-SEQ? How many plant samples do I need to provide?
  • My sample is cell, what do I need to do before doing RIP-Seq delivery?
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