Exome Sequencing Q&A

  • General Questions

  • Is it necessary to have a reference genome for whole exome sequencing?
  • Why exon sequencing needs to be compared with the whole genome in the analysis, rather than directly with the target region?
  • How many times coverage is generally recommended for whole exome sequencing?
  • What is the significance of whole exome sequencing depth? How is the sequencing depth converted?
  • How large a fragment deletion can be detected by whole exome sequencing?
  • Can whole exome sequencing be used for CNV analysis? What other methods are available for CNV detection?
  • Can whole exome sequencing be used for target region methylation detection? Can RNA capture be performed?
  • Can you capture samples with a multi-species mix?
  • Is there an indicator for the effectiveness of exon capture?
  • Can exon capture be performed on fragments with high GC content?
  • What is exon capture efficiency?
  • When to choose full exon capture? When to choose a custom probe capture?
  • Can I do exon capture sequencing for conventional species, species with new, imperfect or error-ridden genomes?
  • Can degraded samples be subjected to post-banking? What are the implications for subsequent data and analysis?
  • Sample Preparation

  • What is the impact of sample viscosity, contamination by micellar impurities and RNA contamination on library construction? What is the approximate success rate of library construction?
  • Can a single piece of tissue be co-extracted for DNA and RNA? What is the extraction method?
  • What are the reasons for the low DNA extraction rate of FFPE samples?
  • How to separate plasma samples for cf/ctDNA extraction?
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