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  • Health
    An ever-expanding portfolio of DNA Diagnostic tests with ...
    Health Diagnostic
  • Sequencing
    Advanced multi-omics and bioinformatics service solutions for .. . Generation Sequencing
  • Microarray
    Cutting edge microarray technologies with by using arrays of ...
    Microarray Services
  • Custom Libraries
    All kinds of DNA libraries including BAC library,Fosmid library ...
    Custom Libraries
  • Genotyping
    Vast experience in Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNP) ...
    Genotyping Technology
  • Aptamers
    High quality customized aptamers for research, diagnostic and ...
    Aptamers Services
  • Products
    Our products increase the sensitivity, flexibility and speed …
  • Tech-Platforms
    Gold standard ABI 3730xl high throughput genetic analyzer, ... Sequencing Platform,Genotyping Platform
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