Bulk Segregant Analysis Q&A

  • General Questions

  • How does your BSA analysis service work?
  • What kind of parents are suitable for population building?
  • How to choose a population for BSA?
  • How to build a family population for BSA?
  • Is it possible to test only the parents? Or only the offspring pool? Or only 1 offspring pool?
  • Can DNA be sequenced from seed samples of the parents, and can DNA be sequenced from leaves of the offspring?
  • How to mix pools of offspring DNA?
  • Is it possible to guarantee the size of the candidate region and the number of candidate genes to be located?
  • The localization interval is large, how to adjust it?
  • How to validate the target genes after candidate gene screening?
  • What may be the reason for the unsatisfactory positioning effect?
  • Sample Preparation

  • What are the requirements for the parents when taking the material?
  • What are the requirements for the offspring population?
  • Is it possible to do BSA without parents?
  • How much sample is enough for the offspring?
  • The offspring population is not large enough, should I give priority to taking the extremes or the number?
  • Should the extraction of daughter DNA be mixed first and then extracted, or extracted first and then mixed?
  • What is the quality requirement of DNA for resequencing?
  • What is the depth requirement for parental and offspring when resequencing?
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