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SNaPshot Multiplex System for SNP genotyping

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CD Genomics offers SNP genotyping using simple and affordable SNaPshot Multiplex System to allow efficient and quick results.

The SNaPshot Multiplex System is a primer extension-based method for genotyping known SNP positions through the automated DNA analyzer invented by Applied Biosystems. Through its multiplexing capability, up to 10 SNPs can be analyzed in a single reaction by using unlabeled, user-defined primers. SNPs can be interrogated regardless of their position on the chromosome or separation from a neighboring SNP locus. The Multiplex Ready Reaction Mix helps ensure robust, reproducible analyses of multiplexed samples.


Briefly, multiplexed PCR followed by a mini-sequencing reaction are performed, unlabelled oligonucleotide primers with different lengths representing different SNP loci as well as fluorescently labelled ddNTP are mixed with template DNA (multiplex PCR products). The SNaPshot primer targets a sequence immediately upstream of the SNP site. Each of these oligonucleotide primers contains sequence complementary to one of template DNAs and stops one nucleotide before the SNP. The polymerase extends the primer by one nucleotide, the sequence-specific probe interrogates each locus and labels it at the 3' end which is complementary to the SNP using four fluorescent dideoxynucleotide chemistry. Each fluorescent ddNTP emits a different wavelength, which is translated into a specific color for each base. The fluorescence color readout indicates which base was added. Following DNA amplification, unincorporated PCR primers and dNTPs were degraded by adding Exonuclease and Shrimp Alkaline Phosphatase. Then the reactions are run on an ABI 3700 DNA Analyzer and genotypes are determined by the color and location of the peak that is generated from the emitted fluorescence. Data are then analyzed with the ABI Gene Scan™ software package using size standards for verification of the peaks.


Sample Requirement

We require genomic DNA without severe degradation, with DNA amount ≥ 1 µg and concentration ≥ 20 ng/µl, the purity should have OD260/280 = 1.7~2.0

Key Features and Advantages

  • High accuracy
  • Require little optimization
  • High throughput level
  • Consistence and easy to use
  • Multiplex capability allows low cost
  • Sensitive allele-frequency detection
  • Automated analysis

Our SNaPshot Multiplex System is appropriate for genotyping 1-100 SNPs and up to thousands of samples.

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