Discovery Cancer Panels

CD Genomics' cancer panels are predesigned panels for targeted sequencing of genes and mutations associated with multiple cancer diseases. The panel contains a total of 248 genes associated with thirteen common cancers. CD Genomics utilizes targeted NGS sequencing technology to provide more efficient and accurate targeting of specific genes or mutations, and even to detect low frequency variations in cancer-associated genes. Targeted NGS sequencing facilitates sequencing of a large number of genes and samples in a single and cost-effective assay.

CD Genomics provides a variety of cancer panels for your cancer related researches.

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Our Discovery Cancer Panels


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Sample Submission Guide

Specimen: Extracted DNA.
Sample purity (OD260 / 280): 1.8-2.0.
Recommended amount: > 1 μg, > 20 ng / μL.
Minimum amount: 100 ng
Collection: DNA samples are stored in TE buffer or equivalent.


Raw sequencing data (FASTQ). Mutation discovery and related data analysis can be delivered on request.

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* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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