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CD Genomics is a full-service team for detection of gene variants. We have an advanced NGS sequencing platform and a wealth of experience in targeted sequencing and panel design.


90% of our team has a master's degree or above, and we have the knowledge and experience to ensure panel design and mutation detection.


Our fleet of sequencer employs Illumina platform. Gene mutations in multiple samples or multiple regions can be detected in an array using high-throughput sequencing technology.


As long as you have requirements, we can provide you with SNPs, indels, copy number variations and rearrangements and other analysis. We also provide panel kits and other reagents related to library preparation for your research.


If you don't find the gene you are interested in in our panel, you can contact us and we offer one-on-one service to help you customize the exclusive panel.


Extensive Predesigned and Customized Panel Products and Services

Our Products

CD Genomics provides panel kits and professional technical services to customers in the clinical research.

Our Services

CD Genomics is the leading global client service and solutions provider for clinical research.


Why Choose Us

Our team focuses on providing products and sequencing services. Our panel kits are compatible with Illumina platform for variant detection, which contain multiple genes and regions of interest, saving time and money. Our targeted sequencing platform has high sensitivity and specificity and high coverage, providing reliable detection of genetic mutations, even low-frequency mutations.

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