Our services can support all phases of development, from discovery and preclinical studies to translational sciences and statistical analysis of clinical samples. When you partner with CD Genomics, you can expect a fast turnaround and actionable results. Our team of experienced data analysis scientists uses leading-edge technologies to deliver high-throughput genomics solutions and biometric data analysis solutions, from obtaining high-quality data to data analysis, complete analysis reports and biological interpretations.

Research and Discovery Services

Why Choose CD Genomics

As one of the experienced bioinformatics data analysis service providers, we offer established, cost-efficient and rapid turnaround analysis services for biomedical data analysis. The raw input next generation sequencing data can be produced from a range of platforms including 10X Genomics, DropSeq, etc. In addition, we are able to receive various formats of data for analysis such as raw FastQ/Fasta files, or aligned BAM/SAM files and other intermediate data formats. We provide our clients with the following data analysis services:

  1. One-stop analysis service: CD Genomics provides a one-stop bioinformatics data analysis service, and customers only need to provide raw data.
  2. Professional team: A team of data analysis experts with rich experience in biomedical bioinformatics data analysis.
  3. Cutting-edge algorithm model: Machine learning, deep learning, intelligent analysis of complex data logic, exploring the nature of data.
  4. Efficient computing power: Super large-scale computing resources, massive throughput, super generalization, extremely fast data analysis.
  5. Reliable results: Accurate, efficient, and repeatable analysis results.
  6. Perfect report: Complete and easy-to-understand final report.

Data Ready

Before data analysis, the first thing is to get your data ready. The input data can be obtained from the following channels:

  1. Experimental data generated by the laboratory or detection data or sequencing data generated by a third-party organization.
  2. Historical data over the years or intermediate data after preliminary analysis.
  3. Data downloaded from public databases.

In order to process data more efficiently, we prefer to receive data files in the raw format, but we can also receive pre-normalized files. For biomedical data analysis, if you have yet to generate the raw data, CD Genomics can provide researchers with different types of sequencing services with many years of sequencing experience. From data acquisition to data analysis, we can efficiently assist your research.

Data analysis process

  • Communicate analysis needs

    Communicate with the professional technical support team to analyze related requirements, project analysis content, cycle, and quotation.

  • Data preparation

    Upload the data file, upload the prepared data file or download the original data file from the database as required.

  • Choose an analysis method

    Evaluate the original data and formulate the corresponding analysis plan according to the data situation

  • Perform data analysis

    Data analysis is carried out by experienced data analysis engineers of the project, and reliable analysis results are obtained.

  • Generate result report

    Generate high-quality and detailed results including graphics and tables. High-quality results can be directly used for article publication.

What’s More

As one of the experienced biomedical bioinformatics data analysis service providers, CD Genomics provides established, cost-efficient, and rapid turnaround data analysis solutions for medical researchers or pharmaceutical companies with its rich data analysis experience. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our technical support. We look forward to working with you!

* For research use only. Not for use in clinical diagnosis or treatment of humans or animals.

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