Multi-omics Joint Analysis


Biomedical-Bioinformatics, a division of CD Genomics, with its solid data analysis experience, starts from a multi-molecular level and systematically studies the interactions and system mechanisms among genes, RNA, proteins, microorganisms, metabolites, and small molecules, and providing a new direction for biomedical research. If you are interested in our services, please click online inquiry.

Multi omics Joint Analysis It is often difficult to express a single theoretical model for diseases with complex causes. System biology research methods provide new ideas for the study of disease pathogenesis. Systems biology is to study the mechanism of complex biological processes by integrating many interconnected and interacting components in biological systems, that is, to study the composition of all components (genes, RNA, proteins, epigenetics, metabolites, etc.) in biological systems as well as the interaction and relationship between these components under specific conditions, and analyze the dynamics and laws of the biological system in a certain period of time under the interference of some factors. High-throughput omics technology provides massive experimental data for systems biology, while multi-omics joint analysis technology provides data splicing and mining, and it is an in-depth study of biological interpretation, providing new ideas for basic biology and disease research.

Advantages of Multi-omics Joint Analysis

A single-group analysis method can provide information on the biological processes of different life processes or disease groups compared with the normal group. However, these analyses often have limitations. Multi-omics methods integrate information from several omics levels, provide more evidence for biological mechanisms, and dig out candidate key factors from a deeper level. Through the integration of information between genes, mRNA, regulatory factors, proteins, metabolism and other levels, the gene regulatory network is built to understand the regulation and causal relationship between various molecules. Finally, we get a deeper understanding of biological processes and disease processes molecular mechanism and genetic basis of complex traits.

Application of Multi-omics Joint Analysis in Biomedical Area

Through the multi-omics joint analysis of the experimental data of the genome, transcriptome, proteome, microbiome and metabolome, information on changes in stress disturbance, pathophysiological state or drug treatment of diseases can be obtained. Through the comprehensive analysis of the overall changed substance molecules from genes to RNA, proteins, and then to small molecules in the body, including the analysis of the original pathways and the construction of new pathways, it reflects the functions and metabolic status of tissues and organs, thereby improving the biological system. In the field of biomedicine, it can be applied to the research of biomarkers, disease mechanisms, drug targets, disease classification, and personalized treatment.

Multi-omics Joint Analysis Technical Process

The overall framework and technical process of multi-omics joint analysis. Fig 1. The overall framework and technical process of multi-omics joint analysis.

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CD Genomics provides customers with different types of multi-omics joint analysis services. We provide multi-omics joint analysis solutions for different types of sequencing data, and provide customers with intuitive graphs that can be directly used for publication.

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