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Microorganisms are everywhere, such as in the soil, fresh water, sea water, and even under the seabed and in the air. Most microorganisms exist in the human skin, oral cavity, respiratory tract, intestinal tract and reproductive tract. Although microbes seem to be everywhere, the human body rarely causes infections due to microbes invading. Sometimes even if it causes an infection, it does not cause any symptoms because the infection is very mild. However, there are also very few microorganisms that can directly cause diseases, such as bacteria, rickettsiae, viruses, spirochetes and so on. Whether a microorganism is a harmless partner of the host or invades the body to cause disease depends on the characteristics of the microorganism itself and the body's defense capabilities. Vaccines refer to biological products made with various pathogenic microorganisms for vaccination. For example, vaccines are also one of the important means to overcome various infections or infectious diseases, such as the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Application of Bioinformatics in the Research of Infections and Vaccines

Bioinformatics is an emerging field, which is usually defined as computational molecular biology. Computing means using the knowledge of computer science, and molecular biology means doing research at the cellular level. Bioinformatics is the study of molecules, structures and how they interact in cells through computational methods. Bioinformatics is a highly interdisciplinary field, which involves subjects including statistics, probability, informatics and computer science, machine learning and biology, etc. In infectious disease research, bioinformatics methods can quickly analyze the types of microorganisms, analyze genome composition, evolutionary relationships, and track virus mutations. In addition, it also provides a solid data foundation for vaccine research and development.

A diagram of the full-length genome structure of SARS-CoV-2 and a schematic diagram of the interaction between SARS-CoV-2 and its host cellular receptor, ACE2.Fig 1. A diagram of the full-length genome structure of SARS-CoV-2 and a schematic diagram of the interaction between SARS-CoV-2 and its host cellular receptor, ACE2. (Uddin M, et al. 2020)

How We Can Help Your Infections and Vaccines Research

By combining our expertise in bioinformatics analysis with our extensive knowledge in the field of infectious diseases and vaccine research, from pre-clinical to clinical, we can provide support for your research at every stage of research. Our bioinformatics service can help:

  • Microbiology analysis: Identification of pathogens or discovery of new pathogens, as well as research on the drug resistance mechanism of bacteria or viruses.
  • Variation detection: Analyze the pathogen's genome variation, detect the mutation characteristics of the pathogen, and analyze the SNP genotype and DNA sequence to detect new SNPs related to disease or drug response.
  • Genome-wide association analysis: mining genetic factors related to susceptibility to infection from the genetic level.
  • Meta-analysis: Exploring factors related to the occurrence of infectious diseases by integrating phenotype and environmental or genetic factors.
  • Biomarker and target discovery: Identify disease markers and biomarkers used to measure drug efficacy and mechanism of action, as well as vaccine development.

In addition, we will use cutting-edge analysis technology to conduct personalized analysis of data according to the customer's project analysis needs.

An Example of a Data Analysis Process

CD Genomics provides a one-stop bioinformatics data analysis service, and customers only need to provide raw data. The flowchart below shows the general steps for the fungal de novo sequencing data analysis.

The figure shows the general steps for the fungal de novo sequencing data analysis. - CD Genomics.

Service Process

CD Genomics bioinformatics data analysis service process. - CD Genomics.

As one of the experienced biological information analysis service providers, CD Genomics provides established, cost-efficient, and rapid turnaround infections and vaccines research data analysis services for biomedical researchers. For infections and vaccines research, CD Genomics not only provides bioinformatics data analysis services, but can also help researchers formulate appropriate technical routes and provide related technical services according to the research purposes of the researchers. If you have any questions about the data analysis cycle, analysis content and price, please click online inquiry.

What's More

Biomedical-Bioinformatics, as a division of CD Genomics, provides researchers with high-quality personalized data analysis and chart production services. With the current circumstances, the research of new vaccines has never been so intensive and fast-paced. Our analysts can help you answer key questions and reduce wet lab work to hasten the discovery process. For more detailed information, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you!


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* For research use only. Not for use in clinical diagnosis or treatment of humans or animals.

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