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As one of the experienced biological information analysis service providers, CD Genomics provides established, cost-efficient, and rapid turnaround basic disease research-related data analysis services for biomedical researchers and doctors. For disease research, CD Genomics not only provides bioinformatics data analysis services, but can also help researchers formulate appropriate technical routes and provide related technical services according to the research purposes of the researchers. If you have any questions about the data analysis cycle, analysis content and price, please click online inquiry.


With the improvement of people's living standards and changes in the environment, the incidence of various diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and hyperlipidemia is constantly increasing. Disease is an extremely complex process. In many cases, the transition from health to disease is a process from quantitative change to qualitative change. Through research on basic information such as disease pathogenesis, genetic mechanism, etc., it can provide a theoretical basis for preventing the occurrence of diseases, improving the efficiency of disease diagnosis and improving the treatment plan.

Application of Bioinformatics in the Disease Research

With the advent of high-throughput technologies and their applications in disease genomes, proteomics, transcriptomes, metabolomes, microbiomes, and single-cellomics research, a large amount of disease sequencing data has been generated and various types of disease databases have been formed. Bioinformatics plays an increasingly important role in interpreting the massive data of various omics of genome, transcriptome and proteomics, as well as in the process of mining and integrating data in existing databases. The development of bioinformatics in various fields of medical research, such as the search for pathogenic genes and the screening of effective drug targets, is becoming more and more in-depth. At present, bioinformatics has been widely used in the research of different kinds of diseases, such as cancer, gastrointestinal diseases, respiratory diseases, dermatological diseases, CNS diseases, and rare diseases.

Significant somatic copy number alterations in SCLC in the research of comprehensive genomic profiles of small cell lung cancer. Fig 1. Significant somatic copy number alterations in SCLC in the research of comprehensive genomic profiles of small cell lung cancer. (George J, et al. 2015)

How We Can Help Your Disease Research

By combining our expertise in bioinformatics analysis with our extensive knowledge in the field of basic diseases research, from different periods of disease development, we can provide support for your research at every stage of research. Our bioinformatics service can help you with:

  •  Discover new genes: Discover and identify genes related to the occurrence of diseases through various omics or experimental data.
  •  Genetic diagnosis: Genetic diagnosis through various databases such as the human genome database, Mendelian human genetics database, etc. Our services can be used in prenatal and postnatal care, diagnosis of infectious diseases and tumors, organ transplantation, and forensic identification
  •  Functional genomics research: Use the information provided by structural genomics to systematically study the function of the genome, understand the relationship between genes and diseases, and the role of gene products in life activities.
  •  Gene chip analysis: Analysis of microarray chip data for gene expression, gene diagnosis and new gene discovery, etc.
  •  Material identification: Identify proteins and metabolites, and study material changes during disease occurrence, and provide meaningful markers for judging and evaluating changes in cells, tissues and organs.

In addition, we will use cutting-edge analysis technology to conduct personalized data analysis according to the customer's project analysis needs. 

An Example of a Data Analysis Process

Data Analysis Process

CD Genomics provides a full range of customized disease research data analysis solutions according to customer needs. Customers only need to provide raw data or analysis needs, and we will provide you with complete analysis services. The following figure only shows the general analysis process for metabolite identification:

Service Process

Service Process

What's More 

Biomedical-Bioinformatics, as a division of CD Genomics, relies on years of experience in disease data analysis and high-throughput sequencing services. In addition to providing customers with high-efficiency one-stop bioinformatics data analysis experience, CD Genomics can also help formulate different omics (such as Genome, transcriptome, proteome, metabolome, microbiome, etc.) sequencing solutions, rational use of sequencing data, so as to be of the highest value with the least cost. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our technical support. We look forward to working with you!


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* For research use only. Not for use in clinical diagnosis or treatment of humans or animals.

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