As one of the biomedical data analysis providers, CD Genomics provides customizable one-stop biomedical data analysis services to help researchers deal with data analysis challenges.


CD Genomics is registered and headquartered in New York. The company was founded more than ten years ago by a group of professional bioinformatics scientists, bioinformatics software developers, and investors with rich expertise in academic research, industrial development and business operations.

Why CD Genomics

CD Genomics was established with the intention that the advancement of new technologies generating large amounts of biomedical data (especially next-generation sequencing technology) is causing profound changes in biomedical research, biotechnology development, and clinical practice. Although the scientific community, the biotechnology industry, and clinical research departments have enjoyed the benefits of these new technologies and accepted the new opportunities provided to them, they also face great challenges in processing, analyzing, and interpreting the large amounts of data they receive. CD Genomics can help researchers meet data analysis challenges.

What Can We Do

In the past ten years, CD Genomics has expanded its team of leading bioinformaticians, not only in NGS data processing, analysis, interpretation and general genomic data analysis, but also in data mining, statistical modeling, data integration, information science, database construction and management. In addition, with the development of artificial intelligence, methods such as machine learning, deep learning mode are used for biomedical data solutions. Our data analysis solutions involve different disease fields and omics fields. The goal of CD Genomics' professional expert team is to provide bioinformatics and data mining services to biomedical researchers in academic institutions, biotech, clinical facilities and government agencies.