Sales Executive

Sales Executive

CD Genomics is a bioinformatics service provider that provides bio-related data analysis and mining services for global companies, hospitals and research institutions. We are in a period of sustained and rapid growth. With the continuous expansion of our business scope, we are looking for talented sales executives to join our dynamic and professional sales team to meet our rapidly expanding business needs.

Job Responsibilities

1. According to the regional sales target and market characteristics, combined with its own technical advantages to provide customers with professional solutions and complete sales targets.

2. Visit customers regularly, explore and analyze customer needs, and provide customers with professional technical consulting services to solve customer' problems.

3. According to changes in market conditions, formulate sales plans and strategies for customers in their respective regions, and complete the sales and market expansion tasks in the areas they are responsible for.

4. Responsible for the establishment and maintenance of customer relationships with companies, universities, hospitals and other scientific research institutes in the region, and establish good communication channels.

5. Develop and complete weekly visit plans, monthly and quarterly summaries and other tasks on time.

6. Collect information on markets, customers and competitors in the field, and provide strategic and competitive feedback to the marketing and product development departments.

Skills & Requirements

  • Bioinformatics, molecular biology, cell biology, immunology, genetics, biomedical background related professional doctoral degree or excellent master's degree.
  • Strong learning ability, can quickly understand the company's service products, understand the basic principles of next-generation sequencing, and understand basic clinical biology research. According to cutting-edge research methods, quickly provide customers with personalized program design.
  • Have a solid research foundation in functional biology or bioinformatics, and have experience in writing and publishing scientific research articles.
  • Willing to learn new technologies and new skills, and willing to travel for business trips.


  • Like to do scientific research, like to do projects, and be interested in applied and basic research in the field of biomedicine.
  • Those who have single-cell sequencing, omics research experience or NGS big data analysis experience are preferred.
  • Good at reading cutting-edge literature, and sorting out solutions to problems according to the content of the article.
  • Have excellent communication skills, coordination skills, and teamwork skills, and are willing to accept challenges.
  • Integrity, positive attitude, and ability to conduct business independently.
  • Have excellent customer service awareness, as well as information collection and integration capabilities.
  • Have the appeal and influence on others, and persevere in the target.

What We Offer You

  • Provide a competitive salary according to your work skills, the salary you get will be proportional to your contribution.
  • The company encourages exchanges between different groups and disciplines within the company, and supports employees to participate in industry seminars and summit forums to increase knowledge and improve themselves, so as to better serve their own work.
  • Good job foreground and perfect job system.
  • A good office environment and a friendly working atmosphere based on collaboration, flexibility and respect.

Additional Information

  • Fresh graduates do not need work experience.
  • Position: full-time
  • Need to travel.
  • Location: New York

Company Description

CD Genomics has expanded its team of leading bioinformaticians, not only in NGS data processing, analysis, interpretation and general genomic data analysis, but also in data mining, statistical modeling, data integration, information science, database construction and management. The goal of the CD Genomics professional expert team is to provide bioinformatics and data mining services for biomedical researchers in academic institutions, biotechnology, clinical facilities, and government agencies.

If you think your skills and experience meet our job requirements, please submit the online application form (we do not take applicants' phone calls).

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