Bioinformatics Specialist (Single Cell Direction)

Bioinformatics Specialist (Single Cell Direction)

CD Genomics is a bioinformatics service provider that performs data analysis, mining and integration projects for global companies and research institutions. We are currently in a period of sustained and rapid growth and are looking for talented Bioinformatics Specialists to join our dynamic and professional single-cell analysis service team to meet the needs of our rapidly expanding business.

Role Details

Develop single-cell sequencing analysis algorithms, processes, and bioinformatics analysis software packages; responsible for initial and advanced training related to single-cell multi-omics data analysis, after-sales data analysis support, and single-cell multi-omics personalized analysis solutions. This position will ensure customer training and after-sales technical services to establish and maintain key customer relationships.

  • Key user support: Provide comprehensive single-cell sequencing data analysis support, including but not limited to bioinformatics analysis, visual analysis, personalized analysis of sequencing data, and database mining. Regular visits of key customers, cooperation on topics, and cooperation with sales, promote the application needs of single-cell multi-omics and related products.
  • Develop single-cell sequencing applications: develop single-cell multi-omics analysis procedures and data analysis tools, and expand single-cell multi-omics applications and related product sales.
  • Technical lecture support: Conduct training and exchanges on single-cell multi-omics technical lectures. Through the exchange of data analysis technology, this position promotes customers to carry out single-cell multi-omics research projects, and provides overall solutions such as single-cell sequencing standardized analysis, personalized analysis, database mining, etc., and ultimately improves user satisfaction.

Skills & Requirements

  • MSc in bioinformatics, computer science or related disciplines, with demonstrated skills and experience in the development, deployment and operation of single-cell omics analysis pipelines.
  • At least 5 years of demonstrable work experience.
  • Master single-cell sequencing library construction and basic principles of single-cell sequencing.
  • Proficient in second-generation sequencing data analysis (especially single-cell omics related analysis) process and its construction and development.
  • Proficient in Linux system operation, shell script writing; proficient in one or more of R, Perl, and Python.
  • You need to have high-level technical skills and collaborative problem-solving skills. In addition, communication skills and self-management are very important to us.


  • Good communication skills, patience, and strong data analysis skills.
  • Experience participating in large-scale biological information analysis projects.
  • Good learning ability, read cutting-edge articles, and provide single-cell multi-omics applications.
  • Willing to travel for business trips.

What We Offer You

  • Provide a competitive salary according to your work skills.
  • A multifaceted job with a high sense of responsibility and a wide range of opportunities.
  • Diverse and challenging jobs can help you improve your technical skills.
  • A good office environment and a friendly working atmosphere based on collaboration, flexibility and respect.

Additional Information

  • Position: full-time
  • Location: New York

Company Description

CD Genomics has expanded its team of leading bioinformaticians, not only in NGS data processing, analysis, interpretation and general genomic data analysis, but also in data mining, statistical modeling, data integration, information science, database construction and management. The goal of the CD Genomics professional expert team is to provide bioinformatics and data mining services for biomedical researchers in academic institutions, biotechnology, clinical facilities, and government agencies.

If you think your skills and experience meet our job requirements, please submit the online application form (we do not take applicants' phone calls).

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