Algorithm Engineer

Algorithm Engineer

CD Genomics is a bioinformatics service provider that performs data analysis, mining and integration projects for global companies and research institutions. We are currently in a period of sustained and rapid growth and are looking for a talented Senior Bioinformatics Algorithm Engineer to join our dynamic and professional R & D team to meet the needs of our rapidly expanding business.

Role Details

We are a young and energetic team and are looking for an aggressive candidate to be a senior bioinformatics algorithm engineer. The candidate will play an important role in the interdisciplinary team of the R&D department and report to the R&D technical director. Successful candidates will be responsible for the development of diagnostic models, disease grouping and prediction, and molecular marker detection algorithms; candidates will also interact with mass spectrometry engineers in the analytical chemistry group of the R&D department and biological researchers in the life science group. In addition, the candidate will also apply for a patent or/or publish an article summarizing the research and development results.

We like to create new and better data processing methods, skills and solutions. We are excited about new possibilities and technologies, and we continue to grow in the face of challenges. We sincerely invite you to join our vibrant, energetic, and enterprising multicultural team. We are convinced that this is a platform that can more fully reflect your self-worth and high growth.

Job Responsibilities

  • Design classification and prediction models for disease diagnosis.
  • Develop algorithms for molecular marker detection.
  • Use deep learning methods to develop and optimize various existing analysis platforms to improve analysis efficiency, annotation coverage and accuracy.
  • Publish algorithms and related patent applications/articles.
  • Supervise and guide the routine work of subordinate biological information personnel.
  • Share the latest knowledge in the field of bioinformatics with other colleagues.
  • Other temporary tasks as assigned by the leadership.

Skills & Requirements

  • MSc in mathematics, bioinformatics, statistics, computer or related disciplines.
  • At least 5 years of experience in bioinformatics or mathematics + biology interdisciplinary related work.
  • Proficient in Linux system operation, proficient in at least one programming language such as R, Python, C++, etc.
  • Familiar with machine learning algorithms, proficient in at least one framework such as Tensorflow, Keras, Pytorch, etc.


  • Cognition of active code level, cloud machine learning-related experience is preferred.
  • Some experience in metabolomics, multi-omics, mass spectrometry data analysis is preferred.
  • Strong learning and innovation ability, literature reading ability, logical thinking ability and good programming habits, can quickly apply the algorithm concepts in the literature to local and optimize them.
  • Good teamwork spirit and a strong sense of responsibility.

What We Offer You

  • Candidates can learn different skills while completing different projects for the company. The company encourages exchanges between different groups and disciplines within the company, and supports employees to participate in industry seminars and summit forums to increase knowledge and improve themselves, so as to better serve their own work.
  • Provide a competitive salary according to your work skills.
  • A multifaceted job with a high sense of responsibility and a wide range of opportunities.
  • A good office environment and a friendly working atmosphere based on collaboration, flexibility and respect.

Additional Information

  • Position: full-time
  • Location: New York

Company Description

CD Genomics has expanded its team of leading bioinformaticians, not only in NGS data processing, analysis, interpretation and general genomic data analysis, but also in data mining, statistical modeling, data integration, information science, database construction and management. The goal of the CD Genomics professional expert team is to provide bioinformatics and data mining services for biomedical researchers in academic institutions, biotechnology, clinical facilities, and government agencies.

If you think your skills and experience meet our job requirements, please submit the online application form (we do not take applicants' phone calls).

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