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Monthly Archives: October 2018

CD Inventory: Relationship between lnc RNA and Disease

Lnc RNA, also known as the long non-coding RNA, is a kind of RNA with over 200nt transcript which do not encode protein. It was judged as a “noise” in transcriptomics until 2007, but now well-known as it’s ability of regulating gene expression on transcription, epigenetic and post-transcriptional regulation. And it is related to many […]

The Brief Introduction of Sequencing History: Sequencing in 21st Century

As we already have a general view on the early stage of DNA Sequencing, It’s time to start the stage of rapid development in 21st century. This is a period from quantitative changes to qualitative changes, not only for the sequencing technology, but also for the application of it. The development of DNA Sequencing is […]

The Brief Introduction of Sequencing History: Sequencing in 20th Century

DNA Sequencing is the analysis of specific base sequences. The rapid sequencing method greatly promotes the development of biological science and medical science. It plays an important role in basic biology research, and many other fields such as diagnostics, biotechnology, forensic biology and biosystematics. Since the first time Walter Gilbert found chemical degradation method and […]

Obesity Related Genes

Yesterday one of my friends complained again that she had gain ten pounds last month. She said she was 167 pounds now and sometimes she even feels hard to walk. Obesity is a global problem. Many people is struggling to loose weight but still can not find an effective way. They keep diet, exercise, and […]

$120 Million-Investment For CRISPR Technology From Bill Gates and Other 13 Investors

An article published in Forbes in the morning yesterday is undoubtedly a big bomb for biotechnology. Our genius IT CEO Bill Gates and his friends decided to put their hands to “The Genesis Engine”, the new favorite of DNA editing in the lab, CRISPR. They poured $120 Million, as the title of this article said, […]

Arguments about CRISPR technology: A Revolution of Science

CRISPR topics are hot again now. Since the very beginning researchers found CRISPR sequences in December 1987, it has been widely used in many fields. The credit is obviously. But this year researchers reported that they had edited human embryos with CRISPR, which triggered an ethical debate. CRISPR, the full name is clustered regularly interspaced […]

Modification of T Cells by Using Cas9 Ribonucleoproteins Provides Hope for Treatment of Cancer

Recently, scientists from San Francisco successfully modified T cells by using Cas9 RNPs, and this thesis was published on PNAS on July 27, 2015. You may have question about this: What is T cell? And why this research has great significance on diseases like cancer and HIV? Scientists have explained everything in their articles. What […]

Methods of Detecting Target Nucleic Acids

Abstract The present disclosure relates to methods of measuring target nucleic acids by using coded molecules and analysis thereof by translocation through a nanopore. Generally, coded molecules pertain to a target polynucleotide dependent modification. The modified coded molecule is identified by isolating the modified coded molecules from the unmodified coded by testing a change in […]

GEN Prediction: Next-generation Sequencing Market Will Reach $4.9 Billion in 2020

Sequencing technology has experienced a very long time, the next generation sequencing (NGS) radically change the way the human genomes are sequenced.IQ4I Research & Consultancy analysis suggests that global NGS market is expected to reach $4.892 billion by 2020 at a CAGR (a compound annual growth rate) of 20.7%. Among the global NGS market, instruments […]

Genome Sequencing—Direct Sequencing of PCR Products

Nowadays, the direct sequencing of PCR products has already played a significant role in molecular biology and genomics research. Such sequencing is widely applied to the detection of gene mutation, diagnosis of genetic diseases, and polymorphism research of single nucleotide. Compared with traditional clone sequencing, direct sequencing of PCR products conducts sequencing towards the amplified […]