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Monthly Archives: February 2022

What Is Ribo-Seq (Ribosome Footprinting)?

Introduction to Ribosome Profiling Ribosome-profiling techniques were developed in response to the importance of measuring gene expression at the translational level. Ribosome profiling is a direct technique for determining the precise mRNA region read by the ribosome and for directly examining the transcripts associated with the translation machinery. Ribosome profiling is a cellular snapshot of […]

Utilizing ATAC-Sequencing Approach to Predict Transcription Factors Binding in Individual Cells

Introduction to Transcription Factors Molecules important in controlling gene expression are transcription factors. Normally they are proteins, although they are composed of short, non-coding RNA as well. Transcription variables are also typically seen working in groups or complexes, creating multiple connections that allow varying degrees of control over transcription rates. Transcription factors (TFs) attach to […]