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Monthly Archives: June 2023

Unlocking the Secrets of Neonatal Genomes: Insights from the BabySeq Project

Ten years ago, clinicians at several hospitals across the United States began sequencing the genomes of seemingly healthy infants in an attempt to understand how this technology would be able to detect recessive genetic disorders that would not be detected by conventional newborn blood tests. Recently, a team of researchers from BabySeq, the world’s first […]

TCR Detection Application and Method

In recent years, TCR sequencing has become a vital area of research for investigating the structure and distribution of T cell receptors. The TCR, also known as the T cell receptor, is the fundamental component used by T cells to recognize antigens, stimulate T cell activation, and promote proliferation. TCR sequencing is essential in various research […]

CRISPR Sequencing: A Game-Changer in Genetic Analysis

Introduction of CRISPR technology In recent years, the field of genetic analysis has witnessed a groundbreaking advancement with the emergence of CRISPR sequencing. While CRISPR-Cas9 is well-known for its gene-editing capabilities, CRISPR sequencing harnesses the power of CRISPR technology to revolutionize our understanding of the genome. This blog post explores how CRISPR sequencing is transforming genetic […]