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Basic Facts about Microsatellite Genotyping—Introduction to Microsatellites

Microsatellites, also known as simple tandem repeats (STRs), are simple repeat sequences distributing in eukaryotic genomes, which are composed of 2 ~ 6 nucleotide tandem repeats. The repeating times in individual are variable, therefore, the application of microsatellite markers is very extensive. Microsatellite loci is usually amplified by PCR. PCR products are analyzed by electrophoresis […]

Genotyping by PCR

Like many researchers to do hundreds of pieces of Southern blots, I first used PCR genotyping with soon efficiency. It no longer needed such as a few days to see the results and no longer needed DNA microscopic images or UV. With the continuous progress of technology, RCR makes the genomics and transcriptomics change dramatically, […]

What Do You Know About the Pacbio RS System

The PacBio RS system is the third generation sequencing platform based on the SMRT sequencing system which is invented by Pacific Biosciences company. It can do the job of sample preparation, sequencing and sequencing read in one day. It has some advantages that the second generation sequencing technology doesn’t have: splicing of a large amount […]

The Basic Information About SNP Genotyping of CD Genomics

What is SNP? SNP is the abbreviation of a single nucleotide polymorphism. It is the DNA sequence polymorphism caused by variation of single nucleotide, including the transition, transversion, insertion and deficiency of a single base. On average, one in 1,000 nucleotides in human genome is SNP. There are more than three million SNPs in the […]

Aging Related Gene Expressions

As human beings, we are all faced with the process of growing up, getting old and going to heaven. It’s a natural process that follows the rule of nature. But as human beings, this naturally comes to us that we are fearful of this process. We dream about immortality, which is reflected in many art […]

Why Genotyping Service of CD Genomics is Dependable for You?

Genotyping, also known as Genotypic assay, is widely used in population genetics and forensic medicine. This is a technology which use biological methods to detect Individual genotype. The methods contain PCR, DNA fragmentation assay, ASO probes, gene sequencing and so on. In the early stage researchers use Southernblots method to do genotyping, but it is […]

The Brief Introduction of Sequencing History: Sequencing in 21st Century

As we already have a general view on the early stage of DNA Sequencing, It’s time to start the stage of rapid development in 21st century. This is a period from quantitative changes to qualitative changes, not only for the sequencing technology, but also for the application of it. The development of DNA Sequencing is […]

The Brief Introduction of Sequencing History: Sequencing in 20th Century

DNA Sequencing is the analysis of specific base sequences. The rapid sequencing method greatly promotes the development of biological science and medical science. It plays an important role in basic biology research, and many other fields such as diagnostics, biotechnology, forensic biology and biosystematics. Since the first time Walter Gilbert found chemical degradation method and […]

Methods of Detecting Target Nucleic Acids

Abstract The present disclosure relates to methods of measuring target nucleic acids by using coded molecules and analysis thereof by translocation through a nanopore. Generally, coded molecules pertain to a target polynucleotide dependent modification. The modified coded molecule is identified by isolating the modified coded molecules from the unmodified coded by testing a change in […]

Genome Sequencing—Direct Sequencing of PCR Products

Nowadays, the direct sequencing of PCR products has already played a significant role in molecular biology and genomics research. Such sequencing is widely applied to the detection of gene mutation, diagnosis of genetic diseases, and polymorphism research of single nucleotide. Compared with traditional clone sequencing, direct sequencing of PCR products conducts sequencing towards the amplified […]