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The PacBio RS II is a Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) DNA Sequencing System that provides the highest consensus accuracy and longest read lengths of any available sequencing technology.

The Pacbio RS service

The PacBio RS system is the third generation sequencing platform based on the SMRT sequencing system which is invented by Pacific Biosciences company. It can do the job of sample preparation, sequencing and sequencing read in one day. It has some advantages that the second generation sequencing technology doesn’t have: splicing of a large amount of data; high false positive of variation; the fragment can not be identified precisely. With PacBio Rs II, CD Genomics can provide you complete data with high quality and some other biotechnology and bioinformatics service.

The application of Pacbio RS system
The complex genome sequencing of animal
Genome with Heterozygosity: The diploid genome which has a heterozygosity higher than 0.5%, such as aquatics and insects.
High repetitive genome: The repeatability of sequence is higher than 50%, such as most woods.
Large genome: The quantity of genomes is bigger than 3G, such as amphibians and part of woods.
Polyploid genome: tetraploid plants and hexaploid plants

Genome mapping of fungus and bacteria
It is suitable for all kinds of fungus strains, especially ultrahigh fungus strains and ultra-low fungus strains. It can be used to draw the sketch of fungal genomic map and complete the map. This is also suitable for bacteria.

The mapping of BAC cloning
We can quickly get the long read of genome with the SMRT sequencing. It almost has one hundred percent coverage. This technology has a great advantage on the BAC cloning.

de novo assembly
The PacBio RS is a platform which can do the genome assembly, structure determination and genotyping work of complete genome. With the data of PacBio, this platform can splice microbial genomes independently.

Determination of methylation
The SMRT technology can carry on real-time monitor to the working condition of DNA polymerase.
The PacBio RS system can provide several schemes of sequencing, such as standard sequencing, circular contrast sequencing and stroboscopic sequencing. They all take full advantage of the strength of this platform. You can find everything you need for your research at CD Genomics.





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