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Ribose Nucleic Acid, also named RNA, is the intermediary of DNA and protein. Compared with DNA, RNA has less molecular-weight but more classification.With the development of all kinds of research, scientists found that RNA plays an important role in the evolution of life. I hope this article can share basic knowledge with you and can make you have a better understanding on RNA.
The General Classification of RNA in Organism
The RNA we have found main contains four types RNA, and here I list several types which are important:


The protein synthesis is the most important and complicated metabolic process in organism. Every kind of RNA has its own responsibility. Message RNA is responsible for message passing; Ribosomal RNA is responsible for amino acid transport and information transformation; the main function of rRNA is ribosome assembly and catalysis. The cooperation of these three main types of RNA is the guarantee of normal function of organism.
Transfer ribonucleic acidt RNA has the smallest molecule in RNA family, and 15% of RNA is tRNA. Transfer ribonucleic acidt can transport amino acid and recognize multiple codons in the process of protein synthesis. Every kind of amino acid has one or two types of corresponding tRNA, so tRNA includes a wide range of items.
Genetic information is perfectly transcribed by mRNA from DNA, then confirm the amino acid sequence of proteins. That’s how it completes the process of passing genetic information.
If the mRNA is responsible for the planing, the rRNA is the one to put this plan into effect. rRNA is the main part of ribosome, and ribosome is the place to do protein synthesis. Although we have not found what kind of role rRNA plays in this process, we can not deny the importance of rRNA.
Small RNA
Small RNA is generally made by two parts: small nuclear RNA(snRNA), which exists in nucleus; small cytoplasmic RNA(scRNA), which exists in cytoplasm. Small nuclear RNA is the main component of RNA spilceosome in the post-transcriptional processing of eucaryon. However, the scRNA participates in the synthesis and transportation of protein.
RNA interference is a phenomenon that degradation of mRNA led by double-stranded RNA mediation, which will suppress the relevant gene expression. The regulation of RNA for gene expression can be widely used in many fields. Scientists tried to introduce the antisenseRNA into corps and livestock to bring up a new variety which is virus-safe, or suppress the gene expression like cancer.
Long non coding RNA
The revolution of sequencers changed the world of lncRNA. More and more evidence shows that the dysfunction long non-coding RNA is related to many diseases such as HD, liver cancer and so on. You can know more in the last post.

That’s today’s class about RNA. In fact, the RNA family is big and complicated. It’s not easy to know all about them in one or two days. But we have the time to get close to it and find the secrets of it. Follow us to know more about RNA and RNA related research at the first time!

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